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Relevant scientific papers

par MASOTTI Veronique - 25 juin 2015

46 total papers, h-index 9, (Complete bibliometry on

Effects of three nickel salts on germinating seeds of Grevillea exul var. rubiginosa, an endemic serpentine Proteaceae Virginie Leon, Jacques Rabier, Roger Notonier, Roxane Barthelemy, Xavier Moreau, Saliou Bouraima-Madjebi, Josette Viano, Rene Pineau Annals of botany, 2005, 95, 609-618

Characterization of metal tolerance and accumulation in Grevillea exul var exul
Jacques Rabier, Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, Saliou Bouraïma-Madjèbi, Virginie Léon, Pascale Prudent, Josette Viano, Murray W Nabors, Elizabeth AH Pilon-Smits
International journal of phytoremediation, 2007, 9, 419-435

Anatomical element localization by EDXS in Grevillea exul var. exul under nickel stress
J Rabier, I Laffont-Schwob, R Notonier, B Fogliani, S Bouraïma-Madjèbi
Environmental pollution, 2008, 156 , 1156-1163

Evaluation of a potential candidate for heavy metal phytostabilization in polluted sites of the Mediterranean littoral (SE Marseille) : endomycorrhizal status, fitness biomarkers and metal content of Atriplex halimus spontaneous populations
Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, Gabriel d’Enjoy-Weinkammerer, Anca Pricop, Pascale Prudent, Véronique Masotti, Jacques Rabier
Ecological Questions, 2010, 14, 89-90

Heavy Metal and Arsenic Resistance of the Halophyte Atriplex halimus L. Along a Gradient of Contamination in a French Mediterranean Spray Zone
Jacques Rabier, Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, Anca Pricop, Ahlem Ellili, Gabriel D’Enjoy-Weinkammerer, Marie-Dominique Salducci, Pascale Prudent, Brahim Lotmani, Alain Tonetto, Véronique Masotti
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 2014, 225, 1-16

Larvicidal activity of extracts from Artemisia species against Culex pipiens L. mosquito : Comparing endemic vs ubiquist species for effectiveness,
Masotti V., De Jong L., Moreau X., Rabier J., Laffont-Schwob I., Thiery A.,
CR Biol, 2012, 335,19-25. download