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Relevant scientific papers

par MASOTTI Veronique - 3 avril 2015

  • Guittonny-Philippe A., Masotti V., Claeys-Bruno M., Malleret L., Coulomb B., Prudent P., Höhener P., Petit M.E., Sergent M., Laffont-Schwob I., 2015, Impact of organic pollutants on metal and As uptake by helophyte species and consequences for constructed wetlands design and management, Water Research, 68, 328-341
  • Guittonny-Philippe A., Masotti V., Combroux I., Malleret L., Boudenne J-L, Petit M.E., Monnier Y., Coulomb B., Viglione J., Laffont-Schwob I., 2015, Proposal of a new ecotoxicity evaluation tool based on morphological responses of five helophytes to mixtures of pollutants : The Helophyte Development Index, Ecological Engineering, 77, 180-188
  • Guittonny-Philippe A., Petit M.E., Masotti V., Monnier Y., Malleret L., Coulomb B., Combroux I., Baumberger T., Viglione J., Laffont-Schwob I., 2015, Selection of wild macrophytes for use in constructed wetlands for phytoremediation of contaminant mixtures, Journal of Environmental Management, 2015, 147, 108-123
  • Guittonny-Philippe A., Delmail D., Masotti V., Viglione J., Laffont-Schwob I., 2015, Potentiels d’utilisation des macrophytes pour réduire l’impact des industries sur les milieux aquatiques européens. , Science-Eau-Territoires, n° spécial « Macrophytes et nous », 15, 74-76. link
  • Guittonny-Philippe A, Masotti V, Höhener P, Boudenne J-L, Laffont-Schwob I, 2014, Constructed wetlands to reduce diffuse metal pollution run-off into natural aquatic Mediterranean ecosystems : a review to overcome obstacles and suggest potential solutions. , Environment International, 64, 1-16