• University education
1991 : PhD thesis at the University of Toulouse, France
1992 - 1997 : Two Post-doctorates : 1) in Ireland, University of Galway, Dpt of Botany ; 2) in France, University of Aix-Marseille 3, lab. of Historical Botany and Palynology.
Since 1997 : Lecturer then Ass. Professor at Aix-Marseille University (IMBE, CNRS).
2013 : HDR (habilitation) at Aix-Marseille University.

• Prices and awards
PEDR and PES (Research bonus)
Holder of research Excellence bonus (PEDR then PES) since the beginning of my career (2001 – 2009 then 2012 – 2020.). From 2010 to 2011 : not requested because in « delegation » to the CNRS.

• National and international responsibilities
-  In charge with R. Bradshaw (University of Liverpool) of the Europaean Pollen Database (EPD) during 4 years : 2008-2012
-  Head of the Paleoecology and Palaeoenvironment team of IMEP then IMBE (CNRS) during 8 years : 2004-2012 ;
-  Head of the 2nd yr of the master BIOECO then SBEM of the AMU during 9 years : 2004 - 2013 ;
-  Elected member of INEE CNRS (National Institute of Environment & Ecology) : 2011-2014.
-  Elected Member of Section 20 then 30 (Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences) of the National committee of CNRS, Paris : 2008 - 2016
-  Elected Member of the Scientific committee of the OSU Pytheas, Aix-Marseille University : 2013-2017
-  Elected Member of the Academic Committee of Aix-Marseille University : 2016-2020
-  Elected Member of the Research Committee of Aix-Marseille University : 2016-2020

• Research

Topic : Palaeoecological and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of ancient environments for the last 3 Ma : history, dynamics and functioning of ecosystems and climate ; impact of climate, man and civilizations on natural and anthropized environments ; glacial geomorphology ; valley glaciers dynamics ; reconstruction of lacustrine depositional environments from sedimentological and geochemical indicators.

Key words : Palaeoenvironnement, Palaeoecology, Paleoclimatology, Palynology, Sedimentology, Geomorphology, Ecosystems Functioning, Ecology.

Speciality : Paleoecology, Palynology, Ecology, Sedimentation Dynamics, Geomorphology.

Approach : multi-disciplinary approach, based on the technics and concepts of Biology, Ecology, Geology and Human & Social Sciences.

Where I work : on the continent and its interfaces (littoral and continental plateau). The Palaearctic world : the Mediterranean basin (France, North Africa, Croatia, Italy), Islands (Corsica, Malta, Crete), the Middle East (Turkey, Iran), Central Asia (Nakhchivan, Uzbekistan) and Non-Mediterranean Western Europe (the Pyrenees, Massif Central, Brittany, Ireland), north-Eastern Europe (Russia).

H Index ISI (Thomson-Reuters) : 27
ResearchGate Index : 39,07

H Index Google Scholar : 29

ResearchDirection :
Direction/co-direction of Postdoctorat : 5.
Direction/co-direction of PhD thesis : 8.
Direction/co-direction of training course of Masters 1st & 2nd yrs : 16.

Organization of national and international conferences, workshops, symposiums : 9

• International and national invited conferences : 18

- 162 articles including
- 96 articles in journals indexed in the Journal of Citation Research (JCR).
- 25 articles in journals non indexed in JCR.
- 41 chapters of books, proceedings and field-guides.
- 251 abstracts (national and international conferences).
- 51 reports of contracts

• Research programs
- Participation as leader (17) or responsible of WP (2) to 74 national and international research programs (Industry-Private, Europe, USA).

• Full-time teaching commitments
Currently involved in national and international masters courses in France and in Tunisia.

Selected publications, last 5 yrs

  • Lavrieux M., Jacob J., Disnar J.R., Breheret J.G., Le Milbeau C., Miras Y., Andrieu-Ponel V., 2013. Sedimentary cannabinol tracks the history of hemp retting. Geology, 41, 751-754.
  • Ponel P., Andrieu-Ponel V., Bouiron M., 2014. Reconstructing the ruderal vegetation and suburban landscape (14th -17th century AD) at Marseille (France) from fossil insect and pollen analyses. Quaternary International, 341, 152-171.
  • Gambin B., Andrieu-Ponel V., Médail F., Marriner N., Peyron O., Montade V., T. Gambin T., C. Morhange C., Belkacem D., Djamali M., 2015. 7300 years of vegetation history and climate for NW Malta : a Holocene perspective, Climate of the Past, 11, 5, pp. 4505-4567,
  • Romey C., Vella C., Rochette P., Andrieu-Ponel V., Magnin F., Veron A., Landuré C., Anne-D’Ovidio A.M., Delanghe-Sabatier D., 2015. Environmental imprints of landscape evolution and human activities during the Holocene in a small catchment of the Calanques Massif (Cassis, southern France). The Holocene, 25, 9, 1454-1469
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  • Pepe C., Sadori L., Andrieu-Ponel V., Salomon F., Goiran J.P., 2016. Late Holocene pollen record from Fiume Morto (Dead River), a paleomeander of Tiber River near Ancient Ostia (central Italy). J. of Palaeolimnology, 56, 173-187.
  • Peyron O., Combourieu-Nebout N., Brayshaw D., Goring S., Andrieu-Ponel V., Desprat S., Fletcher W., Gambin B., Loakim C., Joannin S., Kotthoff U., Kouli K., Montade V., Pross J., Sadori L., Magny M., 2017. The climate of the Mediterranean basin during the Holocene from terrestrial and marine pollen data : A model/data comparison. In press à Climate of the Past , 13, 249–265. doi:10.5194/cp-13-249-2017