My research scope is distribution ecology, applied to biogeography and conservation ecology. My recent work focuses on understanding the ecological processes that shape the spatial patterns of distribution of tree species, communities, and their multi-facets biodiversity, at different spatial scales (Euro-Mediterranean basin). I aim to identify the drivers, past and/or contemporary, natural and/or human-induced, of biodiversities and to determine whether and how community structure, composition and dynamics may be affected by global changes.

I have also performed several researches devoted to ecology of invasions, and in particular the assessment through modelling approaches of biosecurity risks associated to insect pests, pathogens and weeds. I was a member of the Australian CRC (Cooperative Research Centre for National Plant Biosecurity) and of the Pest Risk Mapping Group (international panel of modellers focusing on pest risk modelling practice). I still have interests in developing and refining ecological methods for estimating pest risk, and post-border pest management.

I am member of the Climond team involved in the not-for-profit initiative intending to share specially formatted environmental data for use in ecological modelling (species distribution modelling, species niche modelling, pest risk analysis and pest risk assessment, species vulnerability modelling, assessing biofuels and other crop potential and threats, climate change research ;