2020 : PhD in Chemical Ecology (ongoing)
2016 : Msc Researh Degree Biodiversity Ecology and Evolution, Aix-Marseille University (Mention Bien)
2014 : Bachelor of Biology, UFR Tours

Field work : ability to work in a rugged environment, settle of a dynamic chamber to sample BVOC in the field, monitoring, survey (seedling and phenology)
Laboratory : analytical chemistry (GC-MS, CIRAS-3, spectrophotometer), plant physiology (gas exchanges, phytotron, phenology), forest ecology
Communication : scientific reports writing and oral presentation

2016 - 2020 : PhD : BVOC emissions of litter from temperate forest plants (IMBE - Marseille, France)
2018 : Field work for the CERVOLAND project (3 weeks in the Landes Forest) : sampling BVOC from the canopee and the litter of Pinus pinaster.
2018 : Teaching class during the Erasmus Plus Summer School “Soil and water” (Oak Observatory at the OHP - Saint Michel l’Observatoire)
2017 : Oral intervention in Sciences day about litter decomposition and mesofauna (Sciences Village, Marseille)
2017 : Sampling of BVOC from Quercus pubescens leaves at the O3HP
2017 : Field work for the LANDEX project (20 days in the Landes Forest) : sampling BVOC from the canopee and the litter of Pinus pinaster.
2017 : Oral intervention in Sciences day about atmospheric chemistry (Andromède Marseille)
2017 : Assistant of practical work (Master 1 level) : Chemical ecology
2017 : PhD Course : Biogenic Volatiles - Exchange at Different Scales and Interactions with Ecosystem Processes (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2016 : Research Intern in Plant ecophysiology and chemical ecology (7 months) : Mediterranean plant’s emissions of terpenes : ecophysiological benefit for the plant communities. Supervisors : C. Fernandez and E. Ormeño (IMBE, Team DFME, Marseille)
2015 : Erasmus Plus Program « Soil and Water » at Ulm (Germany), 2 weeks
2015 : Research Intern in Dendroecology (2 months) : Influence of intensive drought on Quercus pubescens wood structure . Supervisors : T. Gauquelin and C. Mathaux (IMBE, Team DFME, Marseille)
2015 : Field Experiment (Floristic and entomologic survey, population study of Silene hicesiae), Aeolian Islands (Sicily), OTMED, AMIDEX, AMU