Formations :
October 2020 - today : PhD student, “Physico-chemical defense strategies of Mediterranean forests under restricted raining in the field : example of pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens)” (IMBE, Marseille, FRANCE).
2017-2020 : Master degree in forest genomics, “ Combining QTL mapping and RNA-Seq to gain insights into the genomic architecture and transcriptional control of phenolic compounds production in white spruce” (Université Laval, Québec, CANADA).
2014-2016 : Master degree in “Biology and Biotechnology of Plants” (Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE).
2011-2014 : Bachelor degree in “Biology of Organisms and Ecosystems” (Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE).

Skills :
Laboratory : GC-MS, microscopy (SEM, optical), RNA extraction, PCR, ecophysiology (cavitron, EFM, fluorometer, Li-Cor), enzymatic assays, treatments in greenhouse.
Field : Forest sampling for RNA-Seq, ecophysiology (Li-Cor).
Data processing : ChemStation, ImageJ, Software R, Blast2GO.

Professional experiences :
June – August 2020 : Laboratory technician at Goëmar – Saint-Malo, Bretagne, FRANCE. Dr A. Guiboileau.
Phytosanitary assays in greenhouse on crop plants ; report writing.
January 2017 – March 2020 : Research student at University Laval – Québec, CANADA. Dr J. Bousquet and Dr N. Isabel.
Research project : project conception, laboratory, data analysis and writing scientific article.
January – July 2016 : Research internship at University of California of Los Angeles – Los Angeles, USA. Dr L. Sack.
Ecophysiological measurement of hydraulic conductance of plant leaves.
July – August 2015 : Research technician at INRA, UMR Biogeco – Talence, FRANCE. Dr S. Delzon.
Measurement of the vulnerability of plants to cavitation (cavitron) and anatomical cut of wood.
May – June 2015 : Research internship at INRA, UMR Biogeco – Cestas, FRANCE. Dr A. Porté.
Measurement of photosynthesic parameters.