Introduction of Common Service

Created in 2018, the Common Service of Biological and Chemical Analysis (CS BCA) provides technical and logistical support for IMBE’s researchers. It sets an interaction network up between different IMBE’s teams by its activities. By this way, it will make it possible to buy new equipment and offer new analysis.

CS BCA is part of the Analysis and Biodiversity Valorization platform (ABV) in partnership with the IMBE. It includes two technical platforms, one dedicated to the culture of microorganisms, the other to genetic analysis (cf.


Staff Function Speciality Localisation
Loris CAGNACCI AI IRD Biotechnology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbiology St Jérôme - 431
Lisa FOLI TCN AMU Microbiology St Jérôme - 441
Martine MARTINEZ AJT IRD Microbiology St Jérôme - 461


Offered services :

• Advice in sampling, in samples preparation and analytical protocol
• Provided equipment for analysis
• Training for analytical equipment.
• Scientific monitoring, methods development and optimization linked with research programs/themes
• Preliminary assistance for setting scientific projects up and responses to request for proposals (technical feasibility, costs, etc.).


Cold Room (+ 4°C), service 431

Freeze Dryer, service 431
Grinding (knifes and balls bearing), service TP D41
Autoclave, service TP D41

Microbiology Safety Cabinet, service 441
Microorganisms laboratory and media preparation, service 441

Analytical Equipment

PNG - 1.3 Mo

Ionic Chromatography (IC)
- brand & model : Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex
- detector : conductimeter
- running analysis : anionic quantification (F-, Cl-, NO2-, NO3-, PO43-, SO42-), cationic quantification (Na+, NH4+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+) and dissolved silica in liquid samples
- analyzed matrix : filtered freshwater or brackish water, filtered leachate, aqueous extract…
localisation : service 431

PNG - 1.3 Mo

High Performation Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
- brand & model : Agilent 1200 series
- detectors : DAD, fluorescence, refractive index
localisation : service 431

PNG - 1.3 Mo

Elemental Analyser
- brand & model : ThermoScientific FlashEA 1112
- dectector : katharometer (TCD)
- running analysis : carbon and nitrogen quantification
- analyzed matrix : ground, sediment, plants, litter, …
localisation : service 431

JPEG - 2.1 Mo

Gas Chromatography (GC)
- brand & model : Agilent 8860
- dectector : katharometer (TCD)
- running analysis : respirometry
- analyzed matrix : gas
localisation : service 441

PNG - 939.4 ko

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer double beam
- brand & model : Jasco V 630
- running analysis : chlorophylle quantification
- analyzed matrix : liquids
localisation : service 431


Conditions of CS BCA use
The form has to be fill in and return to
Request Form
The form has to be fill in and return to

1- Staff request and analytical tools for research project
In advance of submitting project, contact skilled staff in the field in order to plan your experimentation (sample number, sampling date or period, samples preparation and analysis) as well as an analytical estimate.
If the project is hold, let involved staff know and confirm sampling date or period, samples preparation and analysis.

2- Analysis Request
If possible, before doing your sampling (some has to be immediately treated while others can be conserved), contact the technical head in order to ask his availability as well as the equipment ones and analysis delay.
Samples preparations are made by the requester (filtration, conditioning, drying, …) and only the analysis will be done by CS BCA staff. Imperatively fill the request form in otherwise analysis will not be done. While analysis returned, CS BCA will give a period of 4 weeks at the requestor to verify his/her data. Over the deadline, CS BCA will flush aliquots out.

3- Using CS BCA’s analytical tools by a trained scientist
Only a trained and skilled scientist by the responsible for the equipment will be able to work in full autonomy.
Booked the machine by subscribing on the notebook near the machine.
The D-day, you can run your analysis by following the hygiene and safety rules of laboratory.
Do not forget to fill the tracking sheet (number of analysis, parameters, running time, …).
And do not forget to clean the machine and laboratory after you.

4- Analytical cost
CS BCA budget is indispensable for machines’ maintenance. Basic consumables (gloves, tips, diluent, acids, basic media, …) are furnished.
Only specific consumables are in charge of the requester (tin basket, specific column, specific media for culture,). A more important financial support can be requested if a big number of samples are analyzed.
Punctual financial support can be asked in case of important breakdown of machine.

5- Sign of recognition of CS BCA’s involvement in samples analysis and/or project research
In function of the CS BAC’s involvement and the workload request to the staff. CS BCA will ask sign of recognition from requesters either by naming CS BCA in acknowledgments or by including staff as co-author.