I am director of research (CNRS), currently member of team OEB (Interactions, biodiversity, evolution and adaptation) of the IMBE. My principal interest is the study of the mechanisms which create and maintain biological diversity in the marine environment and of those in which explain erosion of it, this on various scales of time and space and thus by tackling the questions at various levels of biological integration, of gene to the ecosystem and the landscape. The objective is to determine which biotic and abiotic factors interact and are responsible for the “owners” for diversity observed and their changes. This research is done in the Mediterranean, but also in the Atlantic and in the Antarctic Ocean. They are focused on the littoral zone, most accessible, but also more under natural and anthropic pressures.
Part of my activity is devoted to these relations sea/unintermitting, as well from the ecological point of view as from the point of view of management and protection .
These problems are thus in the large fields of the international ecological research, dynamics of biological diversity, disturbances and climate changes and sustainable development.

Ongoing responsabilities
- Chairman of the ESDP - European Scientific Diving Panel (MARSnetwork)
Member of Comité de l’Environnement polaire
Member of Conseil Scientifique de la Réserve naturelle Nationale des Terres Australes Française (RNN-TAF)
Running program
Implementation of an underwater observatory at Kerguelen - Effects of global change on the marine benthos and habitats in Kerguelen Islands. Establishment of a base line for ecological and genetic monitoring, protection and conservation