I am a plant community ecologist. I conduct my researches in a wide range of ecosystems including calcareous, subalpine and alpine grasslands, coastal sand dunes, drylands and aquatic plant communities.

My research aims to identify the mechanisms driving plant diversity in response to global change drivers (climate and land-use changes, eutrophication of lakes). Currently my work deals with different study scales : individual, community and ecosystem levels.

My research uses quantitative functional trait data to assess how biotic interactions and assembly rules 1) determine plant diversity and distributions and 2) ultimately affect ecosystem functioning.

Such an approach enables (i) to understand community responses to environmental drivers, (ii) to predict community feedbacks on ecosystems and (iii) to understand underlying ecological mechanisms, such as the importance of abiotic constraints and biotic interactions.

Key-words : assembly rules, biotic interactions, community ecology, environmental drivers, functional traits, plant diversity.