I was graduated from University of Savoie in 2002 with a PhD in ecology. I then worked (2003-2004) under the supervision of Professor Robert L. Bradley at the Terrestrial Ecology Laboratory of the Sherbrooke University (Canada), where I was awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada scholarship for a postdoctoral fellowship in forest ecology. Since 2004, I am an associate professor at Aix Marseille University. My research interests are focused on the interactions between plant and soil biodiversity. I am particularly interested in elucidating the mechanisms involved in the stability of these interactions to global changes (land use and climate changes), natural disturbances (wildfires) and stresses (salinisation, drying, resource deficiency), or anthropogenic developments (photovoltaic parks, agronomic and forestry practices) and their consequences in the sustainability of ecological functions (C and N cycling, litter decomposition, plant health, soil biodiversity). This fundamental research is finding applications for soil conservation and restoration ecology. I had supervised 6 PhD students, authored 44 peer-reviewed publications and leaded 15 research projects or WP. I undergraduate and graduate teaching includes Restoration Ecology, Microbial Ecology, and Soil Biology and Ecology courses. I am the lead of a master’s degree in Biodiversity at Aix Marseille University since 2011.