Mindful to the effects of current global changes on marine ecosystems, I have focused my training on understanding these phenomena.

During my first research works, I studied the impact of the temperature and ocean acidification increase on the interactions between calcifying and/or photosynthetic organisms.

Interested in chemical communication in marine fields, I started my PhD project entitled « Chemical mediation in the marine environment, an invaluable source of Ecosystem Services » (MUSE) in May 2021 at the Endoume Marine Station.
By working on the chemical cues released by sponges, I try to highlight their role in the structure and the functioning of the marine cave ecosystems.

Photo : T. Pérez

My supervisors are Thierry Pérez, Pierre Chevaldonné and Charlotte Simmler

Key words : marine ecology, natural chemical mediation, sponges, mysids, marine caves