French post-doctoral researcher (born the 15/08/1984 at Toulon), I have studied in Toulon and Aix-Marseille Universities. My professional objective is to provide scientific knowledge to societal actors in the field of biodiversity evolution for a sustainable conservation of life beings and their habitats. I am an ecological scientist with background in environmental sciences, including genetics and palaeosciences, through an interdisciplinary approach (phylogeography, population genetics, genomics, ecology, population biology, field experiments, palaeoecology and bioclimatic modelling). I am studying the origin, evolution, and persistence of plant biodiversity, especially in the Mediterranean and Sahara from molecular biology to spatialized meta-analyses and from populations to biomes. During my PhD thesis and my postdoctoral fellowship, I have developed my research on the imprint left by past environmental changes on the evolutionary history of numerous plant populations (Mercurialis, Myrtus, Nerium, Globularia, Fritillaria, Pinguicula). Now, I am participating to the research in genomics of the Evolutionary Biology and Ecology group in Brussels (Belgium) on the genetic and palaeoecological signatures of African rainforest dynamics, with still close collaborations with IMBE research. I have participated to the publication of 12 articles in international journals, to 46 conferences, to more than 500 hours of teaching and to several activities promoting the life of research and science dissemination.

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