Conferences organization

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

● (07) Helper and editor of the abstract book for the “European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2018 – Challenges in tropical ecology and conservation - global perspectives” ( (Paris, 26-29th March 2018).

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● (06) Co-chairman (with Dario Ojeda Alayon) of a session in the “European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2017 – (re)connecting biodiversity in space and time”, about Tropical ecosystems dynamics : integrating biogeography, evolution, and palaeoecology (session 20) (17 talks).

● (05) Co-organization very active of the “European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2017 – (re)connecting biodiversity in space and time” Secretary-in-chief and coordination : global coordination and management, scientific/talks/posters schedules, edition of teh abstract book, graphic chart, website content (, diffusion, organization of excursions and social events, management of 25 helpers, and management of public spaces (Brussels, 400 persons, 6-10th February 2017).

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● (04) Complete organization of the conferences on “The Sahara, impacts of extreme environmental changes on biodiversity”, including funding research, program establishment, invitation of more than 20 speakers, communication (, poster, abstract book), management and logistics (Aix-en-Provence, 200 people, 28-29th November 2013).

● (03) Co-organization of the congress “Petit Pois Déridé 2013” (35th meeting of the French Group of population genetics and biology, with reception and registration of participants and active support to the organization of this event (Marseille, 100 people, 27-30th August 2013).

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● (02) Organization conferences and PhD thesis defense on phylogeography :« The Mediterranean biodiversity in the light of phylogeography » (Aix-en-Provence, 150 people, 03rd October 2011).

● (01) Active co-organization of the congress of the PhD student School in Environment sciences, entitled « Sciences dans les Calanques », with organization of planning meetings, registration management, development of the website, creation of the poster and abstract book, and intense involvement in the organization and logistics during the congress (Cassis, 200 people, 29-30 April 2010).