Domains of expertise

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

- CONTINENTAL PLANT ECOLOGY : sampling design and monitoring in situ or in control conditions, reproductive success analysis, multivariate analyses using R software. Morphometry, MEB, and functional traits. Conservation biology and biodiversity management with close collaborations with National Botanical Conservatories of Porquerolles and Corsica. Field sampling in Turkey, Spain, Sardinia, Crete island, Corsica island, France Saharan Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya.

- EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY AND GENOMICS : phylogeography, molecular phylogenetics and population genetics, from the development of molecular markers to the analysis of genetic structure and diversity, using several software and bioinformatic tools (phylogenetics, molecular dating, ancestral areas reconstruction, and/or research of outlier markers). Important laboratory experience with the developement of a wide panel of molecular markers : NGS library preparation and whole cpDNA genome sequencing, MyBaits nuclear DNA captures, metabarcoding, cpDNA/nrDNA sequencing, AFLP multiloci genotyping, and microsatellites deisgning and genotyping. Strong experience in genomics, using Covaris and Diagenode sonicators, QIAxcel, RT-PCR ABI/Roche, etc. Ancient DNA ectractions. Close collaborations established with IRD INRA Avignon (B. Fady and A. Roig), Montpellier (C. Mariac, Y. Vigouroux and T. Couvreur), ULB, and GIGA Liège (L. Karim and W. Coppieters).

- MULTIPROXY APPROACHES : palaeoecology and palaeobotanic, GIS (DIVAGIS, ARCVIEW formation, QGIS), bioclimatic modelling (MAXENT notions), landscape ecology and genetics (NCEAS formation), cytotaxonomy (formations in caryology and flow cytometry).

- LECTURER EXAMINATION : National Council of Universities qualifications in 2012 and 2016 as Lecturer in universities and the National Museum of Natural History : section 67 « Population biology and ecology » (16267225961/16467225961), and section 68 « Biology of organisms » (16268225961/16468225961). Ranked 3rd after oral presentation, in 2012, in“Palaeogenomics and evolutionary genomics” (position 0079) in the Ecole Normale Supérieure and Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle of Lyon. Oral in Rouen University in 2014 « Genetic ecology, DNA barcoding and population genetics ».

- COMMUNICATION : Scientific writing ; French : mother tongue, English : writing, listening and speaking, Spanish : high school level, and six years of Latin ; Pedagogy formation (CIES, 2007-2011) ; Dissemination of scientific culture ; Participation to the writing of research projects ; In contact with numerous scientists and naturalists, mainly in Europe, Africa and Middle-East.

- PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE : Seasonal worker in the health checks of water quality (Var department, southern France), within the Health monitoring/Laboratory in the Environment Department in Toulon, Summers 2004, 2005, 2006.

Myrtle shrubs as key models for better understanding climate changes in the Mediterranean and Sahara (J. Migliore)