EQ 1.2: Macroecology and Biogeography of Global Change

Team leader: Alberte Bondeau (CNRS)

Biodiversity is highly endangered by global environmental change, but the consequences of these changes on regional ecosystem structure and disturbance regimes remain largely unknown. This field of study is crucial for the Mediterranean region, where predictive studies suggest environmental changes to be highly critical. Both retrospectives (role of past climate impact, importance of refugee) and predictive confrontations of biodiversity spatial distribution patterns are now envisaged thanks to progress in biogeographic and environmental modelling (in particular concerning climate and land use changes).

Tasks include:

  • examine the phylogeographic structuring of biogeographic key species;
  • compare biodiversity patterns at different levels, in particular species vs. phylogenetic diversities of regions with contrasting biogeographic histories;
  • evaluate changes in distribution areas and keystone species migrations (species range shifts) in relation to future environmental change;
  • analyze consequences of global warming and land use change on species biodiversity at the regional scale, and relate the results to species life history traits. These aspects will also be compared with models of impact and perturbation regime changes, with a special emphasis on future consequences of a Mediterranean biome major perturbation, of fires, landscape dynamics and regional biodiversity.

Team “Macroecology and biogeography of global change”


Chercheurs, enseignants chercheurs :

Cécile Albert (CR CNRS)
Alberte Bondeau (CR CNRS)
Wolfgang Cramer (DR CNRS)
Marianela Fader (postdoc OT-Med)
Ilse Geijzendorffer (postdoc EU BON)
Agathe Leriche (MC AMU)
Frédéric Médail (PR AMU)
Régine Verlaque (CR HDR CNRS)
Bruno Vila (MC HDR AMU)

Doctorants, stagiaires

Farah Abdel-Samad
Simon Decock
Ana Paula Garcia Nieto
Virgile Noble

Personnels techniques

Gabriela Boéri (CNRS CDD)
Emilie Egea (IR CNRS CDD)
Marianick Juin (AI CNRS)
Karine Payet-Lebourges (ecoSERVICES)

Chercheurs associées, visiteurs
Laurent Hardion
Jeremy Migliore

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