IRPNC Team members

Team members

Team Leader : Carole Mathe (Université d’Avignon) or Armin Bischoff (IUT Avignon)
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Researchers and staff (+ localization = place or site) :

Alignan Jean-François (chercheur associé)
Bischoff Armin (Pr, AU) ici
Blight Olivier (MC, AU) ici
Buisson Elise (MC HDR, AU)
Dutoit Thierry (DR CNRS)ici
Isselin-Nondedeu Francis (MC associé, univ. Tours)
Joliot Céline (TECH, AU)
Le Menn Aline (MC, AU) ici
Lucas Marthe (MC, AU) ici
Montelle-Richard Virginie (secretary, AU)
Mathe Carole (MC HDR, AU)
Mazzitelli Jean-Baptiste (ATER, AU)
Ménager Matthieu (MC, AU)
Mesléard François (PAST PR, AU - Tour du Valat Foundation)
Ramone Hervé (TECH, IUT - AU)
Vieillescazes Cathy (PR, Emeritus, AU)ici

Post-Ph.D :

TIAGO Shizen P Toma. 2017-2019. Integrating the concept of cultural landscapes into restoration in the tropics. Funding : scholarship CAPES (Brésil). Direction Elise buisson (MCF HDR AU).

VIDALLER Christel 2019. Ecosystem services offered by agro-ecosystems for mitigation banking. Funding/ ANR Compag (INRA). Direction Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS).

MARTIN Gabrielle 2019. Typology and multivariate analyses of dry grassland plant communities of Southeastern France. MTES CarHab. Direction Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS).

Ph.D :

ADITYA Sandeep Goyal. 2019-2022. Biotechnological approach for the identification of protein-based materials in Cultural Heritage artefacts. Primary Host : University of Evora (UEVORA) Portugal. Cosupervisors Prof. Ana Teresa Caldeira, Prof. Antonio Candeias. Secondary Host : Avignon university and Dr. Carole Mathe. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, The ED-ARCHMAT European Joint Doctorate H2020-MSCA-ITN-EJD ED- ARCHMAT Joint Doctorate. ESR2 Project.

FONTES Hugo. 2018-2021. Reference ecosystem(s) : what relevance for the creation of temporary aquatic ecosystems in the Camargue ?. Codirection François Mesléard (Pr. AU) 50%, Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS) et co-supervisor Patrick Grillas (DR Tour du Valat). Funding : scholarship Tour du Valat.

TATIN Laurent . 2018 - 2019. Population dynamics of steppe and endangered species applied to their conservation. Validation of Acquired Expérience (VAE). Direction Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS). Funding CEN-PACA. Defense 01 février 2019.

DURBECQ Aure. 2018 -2021. Succession and restoration of mesoxeric grasslands of the upper Durance valley following soil soil distrubance. Co-direction Armin Bischoff (PR Univ. Avignon) 50%, Elise Buisson (MCF HDR Univ. Avignon) 25%, co-supervisor Renaud Jaunatre (CR IRSTEA Grenoble) 25%. Funding : scholarship CIFRE, compagny ECO-MED.

ARSLAN Dilara. 2018-2021. Comparative study of biodiversity between the natural, urbanized, intensive and extensive agricultural habitats of the Geidiz delta, Turkey. Co-direction François Mesléard (Pr. Avignon University), 50%, Arnaud Béchet ( CR HDR Tour du Valat) 25% et Lisa Ernoul, co-supervisor (CR Tour du valat) 25%. Funding : Tour du Valat (Campus France).

MARKOVIC Milan. 2018-2021. ESR10 - Advanced Chemical analysis of organic materials from animal mummies in Ancient Egypt. Direction Dr Carole Mathe(MCF HDR Avignon University) – Co-direction Cathy Vieillescazes (Pr Avignon University) / Pr. Yuval Goren and Peter Fabian. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network ; H2020-MSCA-ITN-EJD ED-ARCHMAT European Joint Doctorate. Resume

CHASSOUANT Louise. 2018-2021. ESR9 - Organic residue analysis in archaeological amphorae. Direction Carole Mathe (MCF HDR Avignon University) – Co-direction, Cathy Vieillescazes (Pr Avignon University) / Co-direction Pr Donatella Magri. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network ; H2020-MSCA-ITN-EJD ED-ARCHMAT European Joint Doctorate. Resume

CAILLAUD Christophe. 2016-2019. Production and uses of pitch in Antiquity : cross contribution of archaeological data and chemical analyzes. Co-direction Cathy Vieillescazes (PR) 25%, Carole Mathe (MCF HDR) 25% et Stéphane Mauné (DR CNRS, Montpellier 3 University), UMR 5140 « Archéologie des Sociétés Méditerranéennes ») 50% .

BLAISE Chloé. 2017-2020. Impact of cultural practices on arthropod biodiversity in vineyards. Codirection Erick Provost (CR CNRS IMBE) avec Philippe Ponel (DR CNRS IMBE) 25 % et co-encadrement avec Olivier Blight (MCF Avignon University). 50 %. Funding : Contrat doctoral de l’ED 251 Sciences de l’environnement. (Aix-Marseille University).

HESS Manon. 2017-2020. Plant community restoration after invasive plant species eradication. Co-direction Elise Buisson (MCF HDR Avignon University) 50% et François Mesléard (Pr. Avignon University) 50%. Funding : scholarship CIFRE NGE – Avignon University.

KUBIEN Sarah. 2019-2020. The implementation of ecological compensation by law. Co-direction Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS IMBE) 25% with Isabelle Doussan (DR INRA) 25 % et co-encadrement with Marthe Lucas (MCF Univ. Avignon) 50%. Financement Bourse de la Fondation de l’université d’Avignon.

DE ALMEIDA Tania. 2017-2020. Using ants as ecosystem engineers to restore degraded areas in Provence. Codirection Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS IMBE) 25% avec François Mesléard (Pr. Avignon University) 25 % et co-encadrement avec Olivier Blight (MCF Avignon University). 50 % . Funding : scholarship Région PACA – Institut de Recherche de la Tour du Valat – Avignon University.

ARRUDA J. André. 2016-2019. The role of seed ecology and physiology in the resilience of tropical mountain grasslands. Co-direction Elise Buisson (MCF, Avignon University), Fernando A.O. Silveira (UFMG). Funding : scholarship CAPES. CV cliquer ici

MEZZATESTA Elodie. 2016-2019. Chemical analyse of human mummies from Ancient Egypt. Directrice de thèse : Carole Mathe de Souza (MCF, Avignon University) / Co-directrice : Cathy Vieillescazes (Pr, Avignon University). Funding : ministerial scholarship

SHAIBAN Houssam. 2017-2020. Large Scale Seeding : From Mythic Solution to Viable Applications in Restoration Ecology- a Reality Test From Mediterranean Environments. Co-direction with Carla Khater (researcher HDR - CNRS) Liban et Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS). Funding : 100% garden compagny - Focal Point .

TARABON Simon. 2017 - 2020. Integrating ecological functions and biodiversity dynamics into the ecological compensation process. Co-encadrement Dr. Thierry Dutoit (DR CNRS) et Dr. Francis Isselin (chercheur associé, MCF Tours university). Funding : Scholarship CIFRE, compagny : Soberco Environnement.


  • Université d’Avignon - UFR-ip Sciences, Technologie, Santé
    Campus Jean-Henri Fabre - 301 rue Baruch de Spinoza - BP 21239
    84916 Avignon Cedex 9
    Contact : or
    Agrosciences - Département Chimie - Bâtiment B - 2ème étage
    Laboratoires analytiques B219 et B220
  • L’IUT - site Agroparc
    Site Agroparc BP 61207 84911 Avignon cedex 09
    Contact :
    Département Génie Biologique - RDC - Couloir administration


Analytical chemistry techniques (Campus Jean-Henri Fabre - UFR-ip STS) :
- spectroscopic methods (UV-Visible, IRTF, IRTFmicroscope …)
- Chromatographic methods (HPLC/UV-Visible/Fluorimétrie, GC/MS, capillary elecphoresys,...)
- Photodegradation chamber : Suntest
- Spectrophotometer CM 2300d.
- Oven
- Ultrasound
- Binocular microscope

Field equipment, restoration ecology (Campus Jean-Henri Fabre - IUT) :
- Brushcutter
- Leaf Vacuum
- Water tank (900 liters)

Laboratory equipment, restoration ecology (Campus Jean-Henri Fabre - IUT) :
- Chamber of cultures
- Trays, seed banks
- Binocular, wildlife guides, flora.
- Ground analyses (Azote Kjeldhal, calcimètre Bernard, pH, granulométrie fine, perte au feu, etc.)