The institute

The Mediterranean Institute of marine and terrestrial Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE, UMR Aix Marseille University / CNRS 7263 / IRD 237 / Avignon University) is a research unit, in operation since Jan 1, 2012. IMBE originates from the fusion of the two institutes IMEP and DIMAR, with the addition of a research team (EA 1784) studying environment and health issues.

IMBE studies biological systems on land and in the ocean, with a particular interest in biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems. The main goal is to improve conservation as well as the management of natural resources in the light of global change. IMBE’s more than 200 environmental scientists cover key areas of biodiversity, evolution, ecology, paleoecology and the human-environment relation (global ecology).
Researchers use and develop approaches in basic and applied biology, including model development.

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