Laboratory implications

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

- Elected representative of PhD students in the Advisory Council of the research unit IMBE, 2007-2012.

- Scientific animation (organization of seminars), 2009-2013.

- Strong involvement in the development of the Common Service of Molecular Biology of IMBE-Arbois : global organization, development of new techniques, collaboration with INRA Avignon, material management, development of protocols to several biological models from DNA extraction to genomic data analyses, participation to the research program SPEED-ID Life Barcoding (SPEciEs Delimitation and Identification of eukaryotic biodiversity using DNA markers, Génoscope Evry), animation.

- Oral presentations in the Congress of PhD students of IMBE and in the Team Hardy EBE Brussels (with trainong sessions)
Evolution and persistence of Mediterranean plants facing and increase aridification of the climate : the case of the genus Myrtus, 2008-2009.
NGS and bioinformatic tools : from leaves to trees and scientific pressentations, 2014-2018.

- Development of genomic tools in Brussels and strong involvement in the management of the molecular biology platform with training of numerous persons.