More than 500 hours of courses

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

- Courses in Aix-Marseille University Undergraduate levels 2nd and 3rd years : (Degrees Ecosytems and population biology, and Earth sciences and environment) : Plant biology and reproduction, Population genetics, Mediterranean ecosystems : specificities, dynamics and constraints, Biogeography, Systematics and Phylogenetics, Plant physiology.

- Courses in Aix-Marseille University Graduate levels 1st and 2nd years : (Master Terrestrial environment sciences, Biodiversity and continental ecology) : Evolutionary biogeography and palaeoenvironments, Phylogeography, Adaptive ecology of plants.

- Courses in Toulon University : (2× 3h Undergraduate level, 2012 and 2013), within the module Population biology and evolution (P. Giraudet) : « From phylogeography to population genetics : towards an evolutionary conservation of biodiversity ».
+ Participation to the annual meetings between current and ancient students of the Faculty of Science of Toulon, 2006-2012.