Papers in preparation for peer-reviewed journals

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

● (06) Migliore J., Baumel A., Duong N., Casazza G., Noble V., Diadema K., Pires M. & Médail F. Bridging the gap between Mediterranean coast and PreAlps : genetic review and phylogeography. En préparation.
● (05) Demenou B.B., Migliore J., Ojeda Alayon D.I., Monthe Kameni F.S., Dauby G. & Hardy O.J. Plastome phylogeography in two African rain forest legume trees reveals that Dahomey gap populations originate from the cameroon volcanic line. En préparation.
● (04) Ojeda Alayon D.I., Koenen E., de la Estrella M., Cervantes S., Migliore J., Demenou B.B., Janssen S., Bruneau A., Forest F. & Hardy O.J. Early-diverging lineages within Legumes harbour extensive flower diversity with multiple transitions towards different petal types and petal number reduction. En préparation.
● (03) Boom A., Serckx A., Migliore J., Kaymak E. & Hardy O. J. Metabarcoding development of genetic tools for the study of the herbivore diet of Pan paniscus. En préparation.
● (02) Monthe Kameni F.S., Bouka G., Migliore J., Duminil J. & Hardy O.J. Evolutionary history of two African Cedreloideae reveals a multiple humid/dry forest transitions. Soumission imminente.
● (01) Migliore J., Kaymak E., Mariac C., Couvreur T.L.P., Lissambou B.J., Piñeiro R. & Hardy O. J. Pre-Pleistocene origin of phylogeographic breaks in African rain forest trees. Soumission imminente.