Participation to the writing of research projects

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

● (09) AAPG ANR 2018 : PISTACTION - Pistacia, a model to understand the early to mid- Holocene environments of Fertile Crescent at the dawn of the Neolithic revolution (with AMU-IMBE, ULB-EBE, EDB-Toulouse, MNHN-Paris, INIOAS-Teheran, Univ. Teheran).

● (08) Bourse CR FNRS 2016 : NGS-EVOLAFRICA - Comparative evolutionary histories and response of Central African rain forests to environmental changes (with O. J. Hardy, ULB-EBE).

● (07) CNRS project 2013/2014 (CR2 researcher position) : Carrefour, refuges et marges au Paléarctique : prédictibilité génétique de la persistance et de la dynamique de la biodiversité (J. Migliore, submitted).

● (06) EMBO Long-term fellowships 2012/2013, and then Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2013/2014 with the University of Neuchâtel (post-doctoral position) : PHYLAEGILOPS : Comparative phylogeography and genome dynamics of wild relatives of wheat (J. Migliore & C. Parisod, submitted).

● (05) ALCOTRA BIODIVAM program with the French National Botanical Conservatory of Porquerolles and the University of Genova DISTAV 2013/2014 : Biodiversity in the Alps of the Sea (Program leader Actions 4 and 5 : J. Migliore, F. Médail, A. Baumel).

● (04) FRB-CESAB project 2012 : WOODIV : Origin and congruence of taxonomic, phylogenetic, functional and paleoecological diversity patterns : European Mediterranean woody plant biodiversity as a model (project initiator with M. Djamali, A. Leriche & F. Médail, submitted).

● (03) Evolutionary Biology financial support 2011 : The link between Mediterranean and Saharan floras in the light of phylogeography (J. Migliore, not accepted).

● (02) EGIDE Gundishapur project with IMBE/Aix-Marseille University, INRA-URFM/Avignon, BIOGECO/Bordeaux, Range Iranian Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Tehran University 2009/2010 : First phylogeographical and vegetation ecological studies of the oak, juniper woodlands and isolated populations of myrtle in Iran (project leader J. Migliore & M. Djamali, not accepted).

● (01) Environment Office and National Botanical Conservatory of Corsica financial support 2008-2011 : Etude écologique et génétique du Myrte commun (Myrtus communis L.) en Corse : en vue d’une conservation durable des populations (J. Migliore, A. Baumel, F. Médail).