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  • ESDP membership

    by FERAL Jean-Pierre

    The overall aim of the ESDP is to encourage the best possible representation from all European member states (to include all nations that are approved for EU scientific funding). Membership is at the nation level but with an identified representative. At the earliest opportunity the national (...)

  • IMBE publications related to scientific diving

    by FERAL Jean-Pierre

    IMBE publications supported by scientific diving (observation, sampling, experiment) (2011- to date): To a list of high IF articles published in Europe (5 last years)
    Articles published in peer reviewed journals Accepted papers
    Ruiz C., Ivanisevic I., Chevaldonne P., Ereskovsky A.V., (...)

  • IMBE’s scientific divers

    by FERAL Jean-Pierre

    There is a need using SCUBA diving for several teams of the unit of research
    Scientific Divers of the IMBE.
    updated December 2015
    CPS: Chef de Plongée Scientifique du CNRS PrenomNomQualificationCPSà jourmail Sandrine CHENESSEAU CAH B2 X Pierre CHEVALDONNE (...)