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Janvier 2020
Ropars L., Affre L., Aubert M., Fernandez C., Flacher F., Genoud D., Guiter F., Jaworski C., Lair X., Mutillod C., Nève G., Schurr L. and Geslin B. Pollinator specific richness and their interactions with local plant species : ten years of sampling in Mediterranean habitats. Environmental Entomology

Août 2019
Flacher F. & Raynaud X., Hansart A., Geslin B., Motard E., Verstraet S., Bataille M. & Dajoz I. Belowground competition with a wind-pollinated plant alters attractiveness of an insect-pollinated plant to pollinators. AoB PLANTS

Mai 2019
Ropars L., Affre L., Schurr L., Flacher F., Mutillod C., Genoud D. & Geslin B. What are the structuring environmental variables of wild bee assemblages in a Mediterranean biodiversity hot-spot ? Acta Oecologica

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