Research projects

2016-2019, 3 years, task responsible, HONO-CORN : Photosensitized reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on corn as a source of nitrous acid (HONO). . Funding organism : ADEME. 183 k€. Main coordinator : Pr. Henri Wortham (LCE, AMU, Marseille)

2016-2020, 4 years, task responsible, CERVOLAND : Emissions and Reactivity of Volatile organic compounds in the Landes Forest. Funding organism : ADEME. 186 k€. Main coordinator : Associate Pr. Emilie Perraudin (EPOC UMR 5805 CNRS, Univ Bordeaux, France)

2016-2019, 3 years, task responsible, LANDEX : LANDEX Episode 1 Bilos : experimentation in the Landes forest. 186 k€. Funding organism : ADEME. 100 keuros. Main coordinator : Associate Pr. Emilie Perraudin (EPOC UMR 5805 CNRS, Univ Bordeaux, France)

2013-2017, 4.5 years, task responsible, SEC-PRIME2 : Trade-off between SECondary and PRImary MEtabolism in MEditerranean forest under climate change. Funding organism : ANR. 686 k€. Main coordinator : Pr. Catherine Fernandez (AMU, IMBE, Marseille, France)

2014-2015, 2 years, task responsible, FORBURN Med : Prescribed burnings on Mediterranean pine forests : effects on the short and middle term on composition and structure of trees and shrubs. Funding organism : Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. 60 k€. Main coordinator : Researcher Pere Casals (CTFC, Girone, Spain)

2016-2017, 2 years, coordinator, FLAMVeg : Reduction of precipitation in the Mediterranean ecosystems : impacts on litter flammability through chemical quality changes. Funding organism : IMBE. 3 k€. Co-coordination : Associate Pr Christine Ballini.

2014-2015, 2 years, participant, O3Com  : Impact of ozone on chemical communication between plants and pollinators. Funding organism : CNRS-EC2CO. 52 k€. Main coordinator : researcher Magali Proffit (CEFE UMR 5175, Montpellier, France)

2012-2014, 3 years, co-coordinator, LAVTOL : Characterizing drought tolerance of crop lavander varieties. Funding organism : PACA Region. 12k€. Main coordinator : Associate Prof Anne Bousquet-Mélou (AMU, IMBE, Marseille, France).