Relevant Scientific Papers

35 total papers, h-index 11, (see Complete bibliometry)

  • Impact of organic pollutants on metal and As uptake by helophyte species and consequences for constructed wetlands design and management
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  • Proposal of a new ecotoxicity evaluation tool based on morphological responses of five helophytes to mixtures of pollutants : The Helophyte Development Index
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  • Selection of wild macrophytes for use in constructed wetlands for phytoremediation of contaminant mixtures
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  • Potentiels d’utilisation des macrophytes pour réduire l’impact des industries sur les milieux aquatiques européens.
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  • Constructed wetlands to reduce diffuse metal pollution run-off into natural aquatic Mediterranean ecosystems : a review to overcome obstacles and suggest potential solutions.
    Guittonny-Philippe A, Masotti V, Höhener P, Boudenne J-L, Laffont-Schwob I
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  • Transfer of metals and metalloids from soil to shoots in wild rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) growing on a former lead smelter site : Human exposure risk.
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  • Larvicidal activity of extracts from Artemisia species against Culex pipiens L. mosquito : Comparing endemic vs ubiquist species for effectiveness,
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