Research topics

par MIGLIORE Jeremy

- AREAS OF INTEREST : Biogeography, phylogeography, population genetics, genomics NGS, plant ecology, palaeosciences, global change, conservation biology.

- STUDIED AREAS : Mediterranean Basin, Saharan mountain, Irano-Turanian region, Macaronesian islands. And NOW also African tropical rain, dry, and altitudinal forests.

- STUDIED BIOLOGICAL MODELS : Myrtus communis and Myrtus nivellei (Myrtaceae), Mercurialis corsica (Euphorbiaceae), Nerium oleander (Apocynaceae), Globularia alypum (Globulariaceae), Rhus tripartitia (Anacardiaceae), Fritillaria involucrata (Liliaceae), Pinguicula reichenbachiana (Lentibulariaceae), and through side projects : Arenaria provincialis (with Marine Pouget), Astragalus alopecurus (Fabaceae), and Arvicanthis rodents (with Solimane Ag Atteynine). And NOW also African forest trees such as Greenwayodendron suaveolens (Annonaceae) in mature rain forests, the pioneer tree Musanga cecropioides (Urticaceae), the emblematic altitudinal tree Podocarpus latifolius/milanjianus (Podocarpaceae), and several Fabaceae genera Distemonanthus / Afzelia / Guibourtia / Brachystegia.