• Elected member of the CSS3 (Committee of Ecological System Sciences) at IRD(Institute of Research and Develpoment) since 2020 (evaluation and recruitment of researchers)
  • Appointed member of the sustainability committee at IRD since 2020 (recruitment of researchers)
  • Member of the Doctoral School work group since 2020 at Aix-Marseille University committed to evaluate and improve Doctoral train programs
  • Elected member of the CCU at IMBE since 2014 (CCU : Consultative committee of IMBE)
  • Elected member of the CSU at IMBE 2012-2016 (CSU : Scientific committee of IMBE)
  • Mentor for Young Researcher Woman within the Program « Against Woman Discrimination » supported by the Woman & Science Association and the vice-presidency for Equality Woman-Men from Aix-Marseille University (AMU). Since 2021
  • Responsible of DFME team webpage (formed by 26 permanent staff) since 2017
  • Responsible of somme instrumental tools from the Common Chemical Ecology Service at IMBE since 2010 including Infrared-Gaz-Analyzers (Ciras 3-PP Systyem, IRGA 840-Licor), data acquisition systems, dynamic plull-push systems for gaz exchange studies and gaz calibration systems.

STUDENT TRAINING (21 students in the last 10 years)

  • Mentorship of 4 PhD students (Thibaud Legros since December 2021 ;Justine Laoué since October 2020 ; Justine Viros2017-2020 ; Amélie Saunier 2013-2017 ;
  • Advisor of 4 PhD students (Teresa Valor 2015-2016 ; Aurélie Marion 2018-2020 ; Candice Dubuisson 2018-2020 ; Anne-Cyrielle Genard 2010-2013)
  • Mentorship of 7 Master thesis/Engineer internship (Alexis Balembois, Manon Panchot, Eleni Piriovolis, Caroline Gutigny, Justine Viros, Bastien Romero, Amélie Saunier)
  • Mentorship of 6 Bachelor research training (Eleni Piriovolis, Caroline Gutigny, Etienne Foucault, Loan Blanchetry, Elodie Quer, Robert Etienne)


  • Guest Editor for Plants-Basels  : Special issue« Metabolomic and Morphological Adaptations of Forests under Climate Change »
  • Examiner in 9 PhD defense committees : Aix-Marseille University and University of Montpellier (France), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, University of Valladolid and University of Seville (Spain).
  • Service as a pre-examiner (Master degree in Aix Marseille University).
  • National and international peer evaluation committees of funding applications (e.g. European Science Foundation, ADEME, CNRS, Ile de France).
  • Referee for scientific journals (e.g. Air Pollution, Frontiers in Plant Science, Plant Biology, Atmospheric Pollution Research, Plant Cell and Environment, Global Change Biology).
  • Participation to organisation of International Congresses : American Geophysical Union, European Geophysical Union, World Allelopathy Congress.
  • Participation to 43 congress of which 2 prices to the best presentation and 7as invited speaker.
  • Reviewer for 25 journals