Séminaire IMBE - 2 mars 2015

« Conservation biology under climate change : input from species distribution modeling »

Séminaire de Morgane Barbet-Massin du Laboratoire Conservation des espèces, Restauration et suivi des Populations - Museum d’Histoire Naturelle

Résumé :
Biodiversity is facing severe anthropogenic threats, including potentially dramatic climate change-induced contractions and shifts of species geographic ranges. The potential impact of climate change on species distribution has thus become a critical focus for conservation science : how will climate change further affect threatened species ? Will the reserve network be efficient under climate change ? What could be the potential effect of climate change on biodiversity (species richness, functional and phylogenetic diversity) ? Improved approaches to modeling species distributions and climate have led to significant advances in our understanding of potential species distribution changes. In my talk I will present results from my recent work that aimed at answering the above conservation questions, for bird species.