Investigation of the Lake Maharlou sediments

par Elodie Brisset

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During the last decade, numerous endorheic lakes of the semi-arid Iranian plateau have critically dried up (e.g. Lake Urmia, Lake Parishan, Lake Maharlou,…), questioning long-term sustainability of water resource to economic development. It is manifest that dam construction and irrigation preclude water from flowing into lake affecting water deficit. However, which role play climate changes in current lake water deficit ? Retrospective studies using fossil archives allow investigating environmental variability over time which is the first step toward recognizing forcing factors and rate of change.

A core extracted from the Lake Maharlou (close to the city of Chiraz), covering the last 3500 years, has been investigated through sedimentological and geochemical analyses.
Our results aim to access to the last millennia hydrological changes of the lake that will help to put present-day lake drying in a range of “natural” variability.