Thématiques de recherche

I am an Associate Professor at Avignon University (France), in the Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and Ecology (IMBE). My research concerns herbaceous ecosystem (grassland) community ecology applied to biological conservation or ecological restoration. It implies studying community assembly theory, i.e. searching for the driving forces in the development of ecological communities and elucidating the mechanisms by which species coexist. I therefore carry out research on disturbance, succession, assembly rules, filter models, interactions between living organisms, relationships between abiotic characteristics and organisms, species dispersal, etc.. My biological models are mainly Mediterranean and tropical grasslands. I aim to apply the results of my findings to identifying appropriate conservation management tools and restoration techniques. I have participated in the SER conferences since 1998 and is a board member of SER Europe since 2010. I am actively involved in federating the French-speaking community working in restoration ecology to bring practitioners, land managers, researchers, students and elected representatives together (REVER).