Scientific projects

2015-2017 Coordinator of the CESAB / OT-Med Labex project : WOODIV

2012-2013 Main investigator of the F2IR project « French Mediterranean biodiversity facing global changes : current issues and future prospects », supervising a post-doctoral fellow who works on the identification of the factors driving taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity patterns at the scale of French Mediterranean.
Project participation

2014-2015 Participation to the European Project (ENPI) GREAT-Med : Generating a Risk and Ecological Analysis Toolkit for the Mediterranean. Agathe Leriche works in collaboration with the post-doctoral fellowship to develop species distribution modelling framework and fragmentation analysis.

Students mentoring

2010-2015 Co-Supervisor of a PhD student, Virgile Noble (with Pr. F. Médail)
The PhD work focuses on Mediterranean macroecology and biogeography with spatial analysis of the diversity of plant groups (geophytes and phanerophytes) to assess the contribution of biogeographic analysis for the conservation of the flora on a regional scale. Using more than 2 million observations of plant available in the database of the CBNM, this project is oriented around three main themes : 1) Description and understanding of the floristic biogeographic structure at a regional scale (taking into account the richness, composition and endemism), 2) Evaluation of the sensitivity of flora face of global changes, 3) Application of the results to the problem of conservation of flora at the regional level.

2015 Co-supervisor of 4 MSc 1 students (4 months)

2013 Co-Supervisor of a Msc 2 student (6 months)

2011 Supervisor of a MSc 1 student (2 months)


Member of the organization committee of the International Conference of Ecological Sciences SFE 2016

Administrative responsabilities

Co-leader of the PPM research team
Member of the site logistic commission at Arbois
Responsible of the teaching units « Analyses spatiales en écologie » (M2 BEE GABI) and « SIG » (M1 BEE)