by MEVY Jean-philippe

After training as a forestry engineer, I defended a PhD thesis on the topic of Plant Biotechnology (specializing in cell physiology) in 1993 at the University of Provence. In 2013 I presented the habilitation thesis to direct research in the specialty Ecophysiology at Aix-Marseille University.
Following my appointment as a lecturer at the University of Provence in 2000, I was led to develop research axes mainly focused on phytochemistry and functional ecology in terrestrial environment. I have thus taken part in the co-supervision of 10 theses, 5 of which were defended abroad. Since my recruitment I have been involved in several national (3 ANR) and international (Europe-Canada) projects while developing skills in biophysics, ecophysiology and ecogenomics with the aim of better understanding the functioning of Mediterranean plants in response to environmental constraints at various spatial scales of their organization: from the leaf to the global scale.