A chemist in the middle of the sea

Young scientist passionate about multi-disciplinary researches, I am carrying out a PhD combining chemistry, the valorization of marine natural products in drug-discovery and marine chemical ecology. My PhD is dedicated to the chemical investigations and biological valorization of sponge metabolites naturally released in seawater. I am particularly motivated by the valorization of natural products to fight multi-drugs resistant bacteria (MDR) and re-emerging diseases, such as flavivirus.
Beside my PhD work, I also enjoy participating in outreach activities sensitizing the young generation to better knowledge of the marine world.

PhD subject

In the context of the ANR SESAM (coord. Charlotte Simmler), my PhD subject is untitled : Capture of sponge exo-metabolites, chemical characterization and evaluation of their anti-microbials properties. I am supervised by Charlotte Simmler and Thierry Pérez.

Key words

Exo-metabolites, marine sponges, marine natural products, chemical ecology