DFME Research interests (T5)

Key words

Research Themes

The DFME team evaluates the influence of environmental changes on metabolic expression : basic fluctua-tions in the expression of secondary metabolites (metabolomic approach, seasonal fluctuations), chemical interactions and allelopathy processes. Moreover, the study of the role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning through biotic interac-tions (facilitation, niche differentiation, competition) will allow us to test the relevance of different concepts such as func-tional redundancy, keystone species Engineer species, diversity-stability, and for different key functional actors of the studied ecosystems (e.g. plants, soil organisms, sponges from submarine cave). In marine environments, a prerequisite to answer these questions is to describe properly the biodiversity in all its components, including its spatial structure and its evolution. This will be accomplished by integrating morphological approaches, molecular genetics, phylogeography, metabolomics, phenology, in an attempt at integrative ecology. In terrestrial environments, particular attention will be paid to some processes involved in trophic networks and / or the organic matter recycling in the soil-plant-microorganism continuum in the context of environmental changes. Knowledge of the plant plasticity and associated microorganism re-sponses to these changes will be very helpful to the development of eco-technologies for and by the living with a dual objective :
• restoration of impacted ecosystems (bioremediation and phytoremediation) ;
• leverage of potentially bioactive metabolites beneficial to human health through ethnopharmacological approach-es.
The DFME team will focus on Mediterranean and tropical ecosystems, especially at the interfaces (littoral, mangroves, ecotones, urban areas). The biological models will be mainly for plants, pubescent and kermes oaks, Aleppo pine, man-groves, medicinal plants, tolerant plants to pollution ; for animals, benthic invertebrates, in particular of obscure habitats, such as sponges.
The work will be based on in natura experiments, using integrated local observation systems (O3HP, CLIMED, Fontblanche), workshop-sites (OHM-BMP and OHM Littoral), but also in mesocosms (semi-controlled conditions, nursery) and microcosms (fully controlled conditions, phytotrons, aquariums).
This team combines complementary skills in the fields of :
• chemical ecology, including biotic interactions (chemical mediation), ecogeochemistry and environmental technol-ogies (green chemistry, biological control and bioremediation) ;
• functional ecology of plants, metazoans and microorganisms ;
• evolutionary ecology ;
• systematics, biodiversity inventories, in relation to managers of protected areas ;
• ecotoxicology ;
• ethnopharmacology ;
• biological control.


CERVOLAND, PrimeQual ADEME (2017-2020) - Coordinatrice Emilie PERRAUDIN (EPOC), Partenaires : IMBE (responsable Elena ORMENO), EMD-SAGE

HONO CORN PrimeQual ADEME (2017-2019) - Coordinateur Henri Wortham (LCE) Partenaires : IMBE (responsable Elena ORMENO)

LANDEX Episode 1 LEFE CNRS (2016-2018) - Coordinateur Eric Villenave (EPOC), Partenaires : CEFE, EMD, IMBE (responsable Elena ORMENO), INERIS, ISPA, LA, LCE, LGGE, LISA, LSCE, PC2A





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