Irene Teixidor-Toneu

Chaire Professeure Junior IRD
Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Écologie Marine et Continentale (IMBE)
UMR IMBE | Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, IRD, Avignon Université

Campus Etoile, Faculté de St Jérôme
Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niémen – Case 421
13397 Marseille cedex 20

irene.teixidortoneu [at]


I am a researcher working interdisciplinarily across the disciplines of ethnobiology, biocultural diversity research and sustainability science, with a focus on Indigenous and local knowledge systems.

My research aims to understand the reciprocal relations between humans and nature. I am interested in understanding (1) the dynamic changes of Indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) through space and time to support knowledge holders adaptation and resilience, and (2) the impacts of traditional management practices on the natural environement, especially plant community composition and structure. My research is often in relation with projects that partner with Indigenous and knowledge holders take a biocultural apprach to biodiversity conservation and social-ecological restoration.


Biologist and ecologist by training (University of Barcelona, 2005-2011), I turned to the inter-discipline of ethnobiology during my PhD (University of Reading, 2014-2017) to study the cultural transmission of knowledge about medicinal plants in the Moroccan High Atlas. For that I mobilised ethnographic and botanical methods and research approaches and developed a collaboration with local communities and organisations. I continued to work with them after my PhD as a consultant for the NGO Global Diversity Foundation. With GDF I helped kick-off transdisciplinary research on how local communities protect the environment around them by creating and maintaining cultural landscapes.

In 2018, I received a postdoctoral fellowship (University of Oslo, 2018-2022) with the project “Nordic people and plants”. During this time I delved into historical ethnobiology in collaboration with archaeologists, historians, philologists and linguists to understand how local ecological knowledge changes though time at deep time scales (multiple centuries). By combining ethnographic, archival and linguistic data we evidenced the high dynamism of knowledge about plants. During my postdoc, I had the opportunity to be a visiting researcher at Naturalis (the Netherlands, 2019-2020) and at the Centre d’Ecologie Fontionnelle et Evolutive (CNRS, 2021-2022).

Since November 2022 I hold an IRD Junior Professorship at IMBE where I lead the 5-year project “People’s contributions to nature” (see Projects).


2022 - MSCA-Postdoctoral Fellowship « peopleC2eco »
2020 - Female researcher @the Natural History Museum of Oslo
2018 - MSCA-IF Seal of Excellence « VikingPlants »
2017 - PhD researcher of the year in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Reading


I lead a 5-year research project entitled “People’s contributions to nature” where, with a team of young researchers, doctoral and master students and in collaboration with international researchers and local partners, we aim to understand Indigenous and local practices to conserve, sustainably manage, and restore ecosystems emerging from Indigenous and local knowledge systems. The research objectives are : (1) to identify the underlying drivers of ecosystem servicing technique diversity, (2) to examine their effectiveness in buffering against biodiversity loss and land-use change, and (3) to mobilise results to inform and propose innovative nature-based solutions. These objectives will be addressed by the project’s team at local, regional, and global scales combining methods from ecology and the social sciences in collaboration with researchers at the IRD and across the globe, and ILK holders.

I am co-PI of the “Nordic People and Plants” project (2018-2026) and partner of the REA:Life project “Rediscovery of medicinal plant usage in the Age of Exploration : From cultural historical heritage to innovative pharmaceuticals” (2019-2024).

Academic publications

Peer-reviewed articles

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Book chapters

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Non peer-reviewed articles

Teixidor-Toneu I. 2023 La cueillette durable, un example de contribution réciproque entre les humains et la nature. Fiche Science de la Durabilité 52. IRD publications

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Teaching and administrative responsabilities

On-going projects

2022-2027 - People’s contributions to nature (peopleC2eco) PI - IRD CPJ
2020-2024 - Rediscovery of medicinal plant use in the Age of Exploration (REA:Life) partner - UiO Convergent environment
2018-2026 - Nordic people and plants (NPP) co-PI - SAMKUL Research Council of Norway

Completed projects

2021-2022 - Modelling and preserving Nordic ethnobotanical heritage PI - Researcher Mobility, Research Council of Norway
2018-2019 - Biodiversity and traditional knowledge flourish through Bishkek’s Botanical Garden co-PI - Darwing Scoping Award
2018 - Traditional plant knowledge in Norway co-PI - GBIF Norway


Master Biodiversité Ecologie et Evolution @AMU
 Landscape ethnobiology (UE BF24 Landscape structure and dynamics)
 Biocultural approaches to ecological restoration (UE BA24 Ecological restoration and integrity)
 Ethnobiology : concepts and methods (UE BE31 Global ecology and field school)


2023 - Mirela Santos, Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil)
2022 - Océane Cobelli, CIRAD (France)
2022 - Anja Fischer, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2020 - Karoline Heien, University of Oslo (Norway)
2019 - Afnan Alqethami, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)

Master 2
2023 - Mathilde Huet, Université de Rennes (France)
2022 - Gabriela Loayza, FLACSO (Ecuador)
2021 - Anja H. Storaker, University of Oslo (Norway)
2020 - Nicolas J. Giraud, PURPAN (France)
2020 - Willemien de Groot, Wageningen University & Research (The Netherlands)
2017 - Hannah Lindh, University of Kent (UK)
2017 - Juliette Totten, University of Kent (UK)
2016 - Afnan Alqethami, University of Reading (UK)

Editing and revision
 Associate editor for People & Nature, Journal of Ethnobiology, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, Revue d’Ethnoécologie
 Reviewer for People & Nature, Journal of Ethnobiology, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Ecologia Mediterranea, Révue d’Ethnoécologie, Plants People Planet