Liste des publications scientifiques 2023, en cours

Liste des publications scientifiques de l’unité IMBE classée par année.

Cette liste de publications n’est pas exhaustive, seuls les articles dans une revue sont présentés. Les articles sont classés par date de dépôt dans les archives ouvertes HAL.

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Article dans une revue
Rebecca Castel, Virginie Tassistro, Magalie Claeys-Bruno, Laure Malleret, Thierry Orsière
In Vitro Genotoxicity Evaluation of PAHs in Mixtures Using Experimental Design
Toxics, 2023, 11 (5), pp.470. ⟨10.3390/toxics11050470⟩
Article dans une revue
Y. Foutse, V. Mahiou-Leddet, G. Herbette, F. Mabrouki, D. Wouessidjewe, E. Garayev, Béatrice Baghdikian
Phytochemical Study of Stem Bark of Afzelia africana
Chemistry of Natural Compounds, 2023, 59 (1), pp.138-141. ⟨10.1007/s10600-023-03935-7⟩
Article dans une revue
Diane Manzon, Badih Ghattas, Magalie Claeys-Bruno, Sophie Declomesnil, Christophe Carité, Michelle Sergent
Looking for a hyper polyhedron within the multidimensional space of Design Space from the results of Designs of Experiments
Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 2023, 232, pp.104712. ⟨10.1016/j.chemolab.2022.104712⟩
Article dans une revue
Célia Breaud, Laura Lallemand, Gary Mares, Fathi Mabrouki, Myriam Bertolotti, Charlotte Simmler, Stéphane Greff, Morgane Mauduit, Gaëtan Herbette, Eldar Garayev, Christophe Lavergne, Maya Cesari, Sok-Siya Bun-Llopet, Béatrice Baghdikian, Elnur Garayev
LC-MS Based Phytochemical Profiling towards the Identification of Antioxidant Markers in Some Endemic Aloe Species from Mascarene Islands
Antioxidants , 2023, 12 (1), pp.50. ⟨10.3390/antiox12010050⟩
Article dans une revue
Ninon Delcourt, Anne-Marie Farnet-da Silva, Catherine Rébufa, Lisa Foli, Nathalie Dupuy
Land use legacy footprint in Mediterranean forest soils: An infrared spectroscopy approach
Geoderma, 2023, 430, pp.116299. ⟨10.1016/j.geoderma.2022.116299⟩
Article dans une revue
Ratha Muon, Chenda Lai, Vincent Hervé, Rainer Zaiss, Ève Bureau-Point, François Chassagne, Arnould Savouré, Sébastien Marchand, Martine Audibert, Jacques Berger, Frank Wieringa, Kimchhin Sok, Jean‐dominique Meunier, Vannak Ann, Pascal Jouquet
Abundance, perceptions and utilizations of termite mounds in Cambodia
Soil Use and Management, 2023, 39 (3), pp.1172-1184. ⟨10.1111/sum.12893⟩
Article dans une revue
Adil Mouahid, Magalie Claeys-Bruno, Isabelle Bombarda, Sandrine Amat, Andrea Ciavarella, Emmanuelle Myotte, Jean-Paul Nisteron, Christelle Crampon, Elisabeth Badens
Valorisation du tourteau d'arganier artisanal par extraction au CO2 supercritique
Food and Bioproducts Processing, 2023, 137, pp.168-176. ⟨10.1016/j.fbp.2022.11.011⟩
Article dans une revue
Elodie Mezzatesta, Soufiane El Kamel, Annie Perraud, Cathy Vieillescazes, Carole Mathe
Anthropological and analytical studies of two Egyptian human mummies’ heads from Deir-el-Medineh
Materials Letters, 2023, 330, pp.133265. ⟨10.1016/j.matlet.2022.133265⟩
Article dans une revue
Hayat Hage, Julie Couillaud, Asaf Salamov, Margot Loussouarn-Yvon, Fabien Durbesson, Elena Ormeño, Sacha Grisel, Katia Duquesne, Renaud Vincentelli, Igor Grigoriev, Gilles Iacazio, Marie-Noëlle Rosso
An HMM approach expands the landscape of sesquiterpene cyclases across the kingdom Fungi
Microbial Genomics, 2023, 9 (4), pp.000990. ⟨10.1099/mgen.0.000990⟩
Article dans une revue
Anne-Marie Farnet da Silva, Lisa Foli, Jean-Luc Boudenne, Fabio Ziarelli, Catherine Rebufa
Photodegradation of typical Mediterranean plant litters: variations with Quercus species and the leaf-surface exposed
European Journal of Forest Research, 2023, 142, pp.275-286. ⟨10.1007/s10342-022-01521-0⟩
Article dans une revue
Jan Perret, Océane Cobelli, Adrien Taudière, Julien Andrieu, Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Jamila Ben Souissi, Guillaume Besnard, Gabriele Casazza, Pierre-André Crochet, Thibaud Decaëns, Françoise Denis, Philippe Geniez, Michael Loizides, Frédéric Médail, Vanina Pasqualini, Claudia Speciale, Vincent Battesti, Pierre Chevaldonné, Christophe Lejeusne, Franck Richard
Time to refine the geography of biodiversity hotspots by integrating molecular data: The Mediterranean Basin as a case study
Biological Conservation, 2023, 284, pp.110162. ⟨10.1016/j.biocon.2023.110162⟩
Article dans une revue
Anna Thomasdotter, Peter Shum, Francesco Mugnai, Marina Vingiani, Vincent Dubut, Florent Marschal, Marco Abbiati, Anne Chenuil, Federica Costantini
Spineless and overlooked: DNA metabarcoding of autonomous reef monitoring structures reveals intra‐ and interspecific genetic diversity in Mediterranean invertebrates
Molecular Ecology Resources, 2023, 23 (7), pp.1689-1705. ⟨10.1111/1755-0998.13836⟩
Article dans une revue
Anita Kubiak, Martyna Pajewska-Szmyt, Martyna Kotula, Bartosz Leśniewski, Alona Voronkina, Parvaneh Rahimi, Sedigheh Falahi, Korbinian Heimler, Anika Rogoll, Carla Vogt, Alexander Ereskovsky, Paul Simon, Enrico Langer, Armin Springer, Maik Förste, Alexandros Charitos, Yvonne Joseph, Teofil Jesionowski, Hermann Ehrlich
Spongin as a Unique 3D Template for the Development of Functional Iron-Based Composites using Biomimetic Approach In Vitro
Marine drugs, 2023, 21 (9), pp.460. ⟨10.3390/md21090460⟩
Article dans une revue
Letizia Gremillet, Antoine Netter, Irène Sari-Minodier, Laura Miquel, Arnaud Lacan, Blandine Courbiere
Endometriosis, infertility and occupational life: women's plea for recognition
BMC Women's Health, 2023, 23 (1), pp.29. ⟨10.1186/s12905-023-02183-9⟩
Article dans une revue
Victorine Warambourg, Adil Mouahid, Christelle Crampon, Anne Galinier, Magalie Claeys-Bruno, Elisabeth Badens
Supercritical CO2 sterilization under low temperature and pressure conditions
Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2023, 203, pp.106084. ⟨10.1016/j.supflu.2023.106084⟩
Article dans une revue
Mathieu Martino, Adil Mouahid, Michelle Sergent, Camille Desgrouas, Catherine Badens, Elisabeth Badens
Supercritical millifluidic process for siRNA encapsulation in nanoliposomes for potential Progeria treatment (ex-vivo assays)
Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 2023, 87, ⟨10.1016/j.jddst.2023.104804⟩
Article dans une revue
Johann Marois, Thomas Z Lerch, Ugo Dunant, Anne-Marie Farnet da Silva, Pierre Christen
Chemical and Microbial Characterization of Fermented Forest Litters Used as Biofertilizers
Microorganisms, 2023, 11 (2), pp.306. ⟨10.3390/microorganisms11020306⟩
Article dans une revue
Andrea Carboni, Danielle Slomberg, Amazigh Ouaksel, Lenka Brousset, Andrea Campos, Bernard Angeletti, Bahareh Zareeipolgardani, Gael Depres, Alain Thiéry, Jerome Rose, Laurent Charlet, Mélanie F Auffan
Matrix-driven environmental fate and effects of silver nanowires during printed paper electronics end of life
Environmental science‎.Nano, 2023, 10 (11), pp.3039-3050. ⟨10.1039/D3EN00263B⟩
Article dans une revue
Guillaume Besnard, Cynthia Hong-Wa, Frédéric Médail
On the taxonomic subdivision of the Brown Olive from Africa and Asia through the reinstatement of Olea europaea subsp. africana (Mill.) P.S. Green
Botany Letters, 2023, ⟨10.1080/23818107.2023.2248234⟩
Article dans une revue
André Arruda, Natália Medeiros, Cecilia Fiorini, Carlos Ordóñez-Parra, Roberta Dayrell, João Messeder, Marcílio Zanetti, Mariana Wardil, Dario Paiva, Alessandra Kozovits, Elise Buisson, Soizig Le Stradic, Fernando Silveira
Ten principles for restoring campo rupestre , a threatened tropical, megadiverse, nutrient‐impoverished montane grassland
Restoration Ecology, 2023, ⟨10.1111/rec.13924⟩
Article dans une revue
Alice Mentana, Thierry Orsière, Véronique Malard, Yordenca Lamartiniere, Christian Grisolia, Virginie Tassistro, Ombretta Iaria, Isabella Guardamagna, Leonardo Lonati, Giorgio Baiocco
Gaining insight into genotoxicity with the comet assay in inhomogenoeous exposure scenarios: The effects of tritiated steel and cement particles on human lung cells in an inhalation perspective
Toxicology in Vitro, 2023, 92, pp.105656. ⟨10.1016/j.tiv.2023.105656⟩
Article dans une revue
Lobna Ouldamer, Martin Koskas, Xavier Carcopino
Evaluating the clinical impact of the 2023 FIGO staging for endometrial cancer: Complexities and considerations
European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 2023, 291, pp.59-60. ⟨10.1016/j.ejogrb.2023.10.008⟩
Article dans une revue
Julia Vergier, Rachel Reynaud, Gerard Michel, Pascal Auquier, Blandine Courbiere
Misconceptions and beliefs around hormone replacement therapy after childhood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation: A qualitative study among women leukemia survivors
PLoS ONE, 2023, 18 (4), ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0283940⟩
Article dans une revue
Marie Finocchiaro, Frédéric Médail, Arne Saatkamp, Katia Diadema, Daniel Pavon, Eric Meineri
Bridging the gap between microclimate and microrefugia: A bottom‐up approach reveals strong climatic and biological offsets
Global Change Biology, 2023, 29 (4), pp.1024-1036. ⟨10.1111/gcb.16526⟩
Article dans une revue
Tina Tuerlings, Amanda Hettiarachchi, Marie Joossens, Benoit Geslin, Nicolas J. J. Vereecken, Denis Michez, Guy Smagghe, Peter Vandamme
Microbiota and pathogens in an invasive bee: Megachile sculpturalis from native and invaded regions
Insect Molecular Biology, 2023, 32 (5), pp.544-557. ⟨10.1111/imb.12849⟩
Article dans une revue
Bethany L Clark, Ana P B Carneiro, Elizabeth J Pearmain, Marie-Morgane Rouyer, Thomas A Clay, Win Cowger, Richard A Phillips, Andrea Manica, Carolina Hazin, Marcus Eriksen, Jacob González-Solís, Josh Adams, Yuri V Albores-Barajas, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Maria Saldanha Alho, Deusa Teixeira Araujo, José Manuel Arcos, John P Y Arnould, Nadito J P Barbosa, Christophe Barbraud, Annalea M Beard, Jessie Beck, Elizabeth A Bell, Della G Bennet, Maud Berlincourt, Manuel Biscoito, Oskar K Bjørnstad, Mark Bolton, Katherine A Booth Jones, John J Borg, Karen Bourgeois, Vincent Bretagnolle, Joël Bried, James V Briskie, M de L Brooke, Katherine C Brownlie, Leandro Bugoni, Licia Calabrese, Letizia Campioni, Mark J Carey, Ryan D Carle, Nicholas Carlile, Ana R Carreiro, Paulo Catry, Teresa Catry, Jacopo G Cecere, Filipe R Ceia, Yves Cherel, Chang-Yong Choi, Marco Cianchetti-Benedetti, Rohan H Clarke, Jaimie B Cleeland, Valentina Colodro, Bradley C Congdon, Jóhannis Danielsen, Federico de Pascalis, Zoe Deakin, Nina Dehnhard, Giacomo Dell’omo, Karine Delord, Sébastien Descamps, Ben J Dilley, Herculano A Dinis, Jerome Dubos, Brendon J Dunphy, Louise M Emmerson, Ana Isabel Fagundes, Annette L Fayet, Jonathan J Felis, Johannes H Fischer, Amanda N D Freeman, Aymeric Fromant, Giorgia Gaibani, David García, Carina Gjerdrum, Ivandra Soeli Gonçalves Correia Gomes, Manuela G Forero, José P Granadeiro, W James Grecian, David Grémillet, Tim Guilford, Gunnar Thor Hallgrimsson, Luke R Halpin, Erpur Snær Hansen, April Hedd, Morten Helberg, Halfdan H Helgason, Leeann M Henry, Hannah F R Hereward, Marcos Hernandez-Montero, Mark A Hindell, Peter J Hodum, Simona Imperio, Audrey Jaeger, Mark Jessopp, Patrick G R Jodice, Carl G Jones, Christopher W Jones, Jón Einar Jónsson, Adam Kane, Sven Kapelj, Yuna Kim, Holly Kirk, Yann Kolbeinsson, Philipp L Kraemer, Lucas Krüger, Paulo Lago, Todd J Landers, Jennifer L Lavers, Matthieu Le Corre, Andreia Leal, Maite Louzao, Jeremy Madeiros, Maria Magalhães, Mark L Mallory, Juan F Masello, Bruno Massa, Sakiko Matsumoto, Fiona Mcduie, Laura Mcfarlane Tranquilla, Fernando Medrano, Benjamin J Metzger, Teresa Militão, William A Montevecchi, Rosalinda C Montone, Leia Navarro-Herrero, Verónica C Neves, David G Nicholls, Malcolm a C Nicoll, Ken Norris, Steffen Oppel, Daniel Oro, Ellie Owen, Oliver Padget, Vítor H Paiva, David Pala, Jorge M Pereira, Clara Péron, Maria V Petry, Admilton de Pina, Ariete T Moreira Pina, Patrick Pinet, Pierre A Pistorius, Ingrid L Pollet, Benjamin J Porter, Timothée A Poupart, Christopher D L Powell, Carolina B Proaño, Júlia Pujol-Casado, Petra Quillfeldt, John L Quinn, Andre F Raine, Helen Raine, Iván Ramírez, Jaime A Ramos, Raül Ramos, Andreas Ravache, Matt J Rayner, Timothy A Reid, Gregory J Robertson, Gerard J Rocamora, Dominic P Rollinson, Robert A Ronconi, Andreu Rotger, Diego Rubolini, Kevin Ruhomaun, Asunción Ruiz, James C Russell, Peter G Ryan, Sarah Saldanha, Ana Sanz-Aguilar, Mariona Sardà-Serra, Yvan G Satgé, Katsufumi Sato, Wiebke C Schäfer, Stefan Schoombie, Scott A Shaffer, Nirmal Shah, Akiko Shoji, Dave Shutler, Ingvar A Sigurðsson, Mónica C Silva, Alison E Small, Cecilia Soldatini, Hallvard Strøm, Christopher A Surman, Akinori Takahashi, Vikash R V Tatayah, Graeme A Taylor, Robert J Thomas, David R Thompson, Paul M Thompson, Thorkell L Thórarinsson, Diego Vicente-Sastre, Eric Vidal, Ewan D Wakefield, Susan M Waugh, Henri Weimerskirch, Heiko U Wittmer, Takashi Yamamoto, Ken Yoda, Carlos B Zavalaga, Francis J Zino, Maria P Dias
Global assessment of marine plastic exposure risk for oceanic birds
Nature Communications, 2023, 14, pp.3665. ⟨10.1038/s41467-023-38900-z⟩
Article dans une revue
Alice Mentana, Yordenca Lamartinière, Thierry Orsiere, Véronique Malard, Mickaël Payet, Danielle L Slomberg, Isabella Guardamagna, Leonardo Lonati, Cristian Grisolia, Awadhesh Jha, Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs, Jérôme Rose, Andrea Ottolenghi, Giorgio Baiocco
Tritiated steel micro-particles: computational dosimetry and prediction of radiation-induced dna damage for in vitro cell culture exposures
Radiation Research, 2023, 199, pp.25-38. ⟨10.1667/RADE-22-00043.1⟩
Article dans une revue
Andrey I Lavrov, Ekimova Irina, Dmitry Schepetov, Koinova Alexandra, Alexander Ereskovsky
The complex case of the calcareous sponge Leucosolenia complicata (Porifera: Calcarea): hidden diversity in Boreal and Arctic regions with description of a new species
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2023, pp.zlad104. ⟨10.1093/zoolinnean/zlad104⟩
Article dans une revue
Irène Xueref-Remy, Mélissa Milne, Narimène Zoghbi, Ludovic Lelandais, Aurélie Riandet, Alexandre Armengaud, Ludovic Lanzi, Grégory Gille, Sonia Oppo, Lola Brégonzio-Rozier, Pierre-Eric Blanc, Christophe Yohia, Jacques Piazzola, Marc Delmotte
Analysis of atmospheric CO2 variability in the Marseille city area and the north-west Mediterranean basin at different time scales
Atmospheric environment: X, 2023, 17, pp.100208. ⟨10.1016/j.aeaoa.2023.100208⟩
Article dans une revue
Pasquale Sellitto, Giuseppe Salerno, Stefano Corradini, Irène Xueref-Remy, Aurélie Riandet, Clémence Bellon, Sergey Khaykin, Gérard Ancellet, Simone Lolli, Ellsworth J. Welton, Antonella Boselli, Alessia Sannino, Juan Cuesta, Henda Guermazi, Maxim Eremenko, Luca Merucci, Dario Stelitano, Lorenzo Guerrieri, Bernard Legras
Volcanic Emissions, Plume Dispersion, and Downwind Radiative Impacts Following Mount Etna Series of Eruptions of February 21–26, 2021
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2023, 128 (6), pp.e2021JD035974. ⟨10.1029/2021JD035974⟩