Members of the French National Committee for Scientific Diving

by FERAL Jean-Pierre

Comité National de la Plongée Scientifique (December 2017)
First NameLast NameRepresentatives ofSitesSpecialities
Philippe AMADE INSERM Nice University Researcher: Active natural substances
Jean-Pierre BEURIER Nantes University Professor: Law of the Sea
Mathieu COULANGE Sainte Marguerite Hospital, Marseille Hyperbaric physician
Alain COUTE MNHN Laboratory of Cryptogamy, Paris Professor: Microalgea, CNPS and Colimpha chairman
Gérard ELDIN CNRS Laboratory of Geophysics and Spatial Oceanography (LEGOS), Paris Representative INSU
Jean-Pierre FERAL Europe & IPEV - French Polar Institute Mediterranean Institute of Biodiversity and marine and terrestrial Ecology (IMBE), Marseille Researcher: Marine Biodiversity, representative of the CNPS at the ESDP
- - National Institute of Occupational Diving, INPP, Marseille Occupational Diving
Patrick GRANJEAN DRASSM Department of Underwater and Submarine Archaeology, Marseille Researcher: Submarine Archaeology
Régis HOCDE IRD South Pacific Integrated Observatory for Environment and Terrestrial and Marine Biodiversity (GOPS), Montpellier Engineer: Observatories Project Officer
Stephan JACQUET INRA Centre Alpin de Recherche sur les Réseaux Trophiques et Ecosystèmes Limniques, Thonon les Bains Researcher: Aquatic microbial ecology
Philippe LEBRAS IFREMER IFREMER-Brest Security Functional Unit, Working Conditions and Eco-responsability
Philippe LENFANT Marine Universities Training and Research Center on the Mediterranean Environments (CEFREM), Perpignan Professor: Ichtyology
Valeriano PARRAVICINI EPHE CRIOBE, Laboratoire Corail, Perpignan Assistant Professor: Ecology
Eric RIETH CNRS Navy National Museum, Paris Researcher: Submarine Archaeology
Mario LEPAGE IRSTEA Estuarine Ecosysteme and amphihalin migratory fishes (EPBX), Bordeaux Researcher: Ichtyology
Gilles SARAGONI CNRS Training and Research Center on the Mediterranean Environments (CEFREM), Perpignan Diving Officer
Gérard THOUZEAU CNRS Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer (IUEM) Researcher: Biological Oceanography , CNPS Secretary
Olivier VAILLANT IRD IRD-Marseille Prevention Advisor

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