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par Lise ROPARS

Bee hotel – A habitat for exotic bees. Geslin B., Gachet S., Deschamps-Cottin M., Flacher F., Ignace B., Knoploch C., Meineri E., Robles C., Ropars L., Schurr L., Le Féon V. 2020. Acta Oecologica.

Wild pollinator activity negatively related to honey bee colony densities in urban context. Ropars L., Dajoz I., Fontaine C., Dajoz I., Muratet A., Geslin B. Septembre 2019. PLOS ONE.

Massively Introduced Managed Species and their consequences for plant-pollinator interactions. Geslin B., Gauzens B., Baude M., Dajoz I., Fontaine C., Henry M., Ropars L., Rollin O., Thébault E., Vereecken N.J. Janvier 2017. Advances in Ecological Research.