Scientific project

IMBE Scientific domains

The IMBE main scientific domain is terrestrial and marine ecology of the Mediterranean basin and island systems, including paleoecology ; landscape ecology ; habitat restoration ; origin, evolution and functioning of biodversity ; impact of climate change ; ecotoxicology and biotechnology.

Scientific positioning

  • Position ecology at the heart of the environmental sciences
  • Integrate the Human / Nature complex in all its dimensions
  • Understand biodiversity by bringing together the sciences of evolution and ecosystems
  • Consider biodiversity as an essential natural resource

IMBE explores these fields of research in the littoral and coastal zones (including the islands), mainly around the Mediterranean basin.

List of seven major teams

The seven major teams are as follows :

1 Palaeo-environments and macro-ecological processes (PPM)
2 Origin and evolution of biodiversity (OEB)
3 Ecological vulnerability and conservation (VEC)
4 Natural and cultural heritage restoration engineering (IRPNC)
5 Molecule diversity and functioning in ecosystems (DFME)
6 Biomarkers, environment and health (BEH)
7 Environmental biotechnology and chemometrics for biodiversity promotion (BEC)