Summer School BIOCONTAM

The study of marine food webs and biological mechanisms of contaminant transfer represents a major management challenge at the international level for the MSFD.
To better understand the integration of contaminants in marine systems, it is essential to consider the first food web levels and the biological mechanisms of assimilation and trophic transfer related to the food web functioning by multidisciplinary approaches.
Currently there are no courses dedicated to this theme in OSU Pytheas/AMU training courses and this international summer school offers new educational contents to promote the attractiveness of training through hybridization.

The objective of BIOCONTAM international summer school is to develop new trans- and multidisciplinary training approaches to environmental challenges and anthropogenic impacts of interest for developing new knowledge, tools and skills for students and young researchers :
 Complete their training with more specific notions of taxonomy of some plankton and benthos groups (complementary to general knowledge of systematics they may have acquired in marine licence and Marine Sciences masters) ;
 Acquire tools and skills that link specific and functional diversity through the study of food webs ;
 Develop new multidisciplinary approach between biology, trophic ecology and contaminant chemistry, allowing to better understand the biological mechanisms of contaminant transfer in the marine environment.
 Discover new research issued methodology related to innovant sampling/analyses developed in current and recent projects (MERITE-HIPPOCAMPE, ANR CONTAPUMP, ZOO-INDEX, RAP-MED, etc.).

Download the five-day program of practical work and theoretical courses

This program includes taxonomy on some selected pelagic and benthic groups, food webs tools and indicators and contaminants transfer processes from primary producers to predators, as well and examples of results from research programs in Mediterranean and Black Seas with management applications.

Participation will be free for the 20 most motivated students who will have sent their application before May 15, 2023 at 20:00. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, the order of arrival of the applications will be a criterion of choice.