Team of the project

par Berangere Leys

Johanne Bumeister, Erasmus student

I am currently doing my bachelor of biological diversity and ecology in Germany. Within my studies, I am most fascinated by our complex ecosystems and all the interactions and processes within them, as well as the factors that shape them. During my internship with the ppm-team, I will learn more about the past and present of the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot by assisting with sedimentary charcoal analyses within the MEDITATION project. Additionally, I will get to know the scientific world and career paths.

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Aymeric Le Gall, Master 2 student

I am student in the second year of the Master in Disaster and Natural Risk Management (GCRN) at the University of Paul Valéry Montpellier 3. I am participating in the IMPERATOR project as part of my end-of-year internship in the IMBE laboratory.

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Walter Finsinger, ISEM

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Damien Rius, Chrono-environnement

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Maxime Cailleret, Inrae Recover

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Elsa Causse, Chrome

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Cécile Albert, IMBE

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Bérangère Leys