Within the context of increasing demographic pressures and hazards related to climate change, the problems posed by landscape erosion have become crucial.

Retrospective analysis of environmental trajectories conducted from lake sediments and multidisciplinary researches (geomorphology, geochemistry, palynology), enable the quantification of erosion over millennia.

It allows to study ecosystem robustness, elasticity and regime shift to perturbations.

I am postdoc in the French National Research Agency in the frame of the ANR Paléopersepolis (lead by M. Djamali, IMBE). I am investigating landscapes evolution in the Zagros mountains (Iran) during the Lateglacial and the Holocene.

Study areas : European and Mediterranean (Alps, Rif), Andean (Bolivia, Chile), Central Asia (Iran, Kirghizistan)

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Maharlou lake (Iran)
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Lake of Allos (France)
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Lake Titicaca (Bolivia/Peru)
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Lake Chungara (Chile)