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I am CNRS Researcher, at the Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie (IMBE), Doctor in Physical Geography of the University Aix-Marseille (2014, France), specialist of studying sedimentary archives, especially from lakes, to explore the interactions between Human, Climate and Environments over the Holocene.

I especially like looking at the modality & rhythm of socio-ecosystem responses to climate perturbations, depending on the intensity and duration of perturbations, the domino effects, the tipping points.

I develop a multi-indicators approach including sedimentological, geochemical and biological proxies to track the diversity of the geosystem compartments, in order to characterise the long-term changes of hydrosystems (lake, river), ecosystems (soil, vegetation) and human practices (agriculture, farming, mining, engineering).

​I have applied my approach to case studies in France during my MSc (2010) and PhD (2014) (co-direction between the CEREGE-CNRS and IMBE-CNRS). Then, I have applied my approach to different contexts during my postdocs (2014-2019) in the Mediterranean (Marie Sklodowska-Curie - Individual Fellowship researcher at IPHES, in Spain), in Bolivia, Chile (researcher at ISTerre-IRD-CNRS, in France), Kyrgyzstan and Iran (Junior Leader « La Caixa » at IPHES and IMBE-CNRS, France).

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I have participated in more than 20 research projects on past Human-Environment interactions and been the Principal Investigator (PI) of 2 projects :

- The project « SALTY » for « Water Resources SustAinabiLTY : minutes from ancient Persia » (« La Caixa » Foundation, code LCF/BQ/PR19/11700001, 2019-2022 - 305,100€), aimed to explore how the succeeding civilizations have faced with water shortages in the semi-arid plains of Iran (Brisset et al., 2019 - Journal of Paleolimnology).
- The project « MedCoRes » for Mediterranean Coastal Resources (Marie-Curie Action, 2017-2018 - 150,000€). Here I aimed to investigate how the last hunter-gatherers and first farmers have responded to rapid ecosystem changes in a context of sea-level rise (Brisset et al. 2018 - Global and Planetary Changes).

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My track-record (April 2020) includes 20 articles published in international journals (ISI-WoS), 9 in first & corresponding author, and 9 without my PhD directors. Almost 80% of them are in Q1-ranked journals (25% of the best journal of their field). I noticeably published my works in GEOLOGY, (Impact Factor:4.4) ; Quaternary Science Reviews (IF:4.5) ; Scientific Reports (IF:4.0) ; Global and Planetary Changes (IF:3.9) ; CATENA (IF:3.6). My papers received more than 220 citations (Scopus).

Amongst other activities, I have organised two symposiums in international conferences (European Association of Archaeologists in Barcelona 2018, Paleolimnology and Limnogeology Associations in Stockholm 2018). I have also disseminated my work in conferences, that has included more than 40 oral (including 2 invited conferences at the COP 21 in Paris) and 20 posters.

I have been awarded of 2 prizes for the quality of my research, from the International Association of Palynology and by the Groupe Français de Géomorphologie.

To download my CV (version : April 2020)
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