International collaborations

1 - Scientific networks

6 From october 2015 Expert for RSF (Russian Science Foundation)
5 2012 – 2017, 5 years : Responsible, for France, of the Persia European Contract (FP7).
4 2008 – 2010, 2 years. Responsible with Richard Bradshaw (University of Copenhague, Denmark) of the EPD (European Pollen Database). An AMU ingeneer manage this data base (100% of her working time).
3 2008 and on going. Membre of the network PALEOMEX (Paleo Mediterranean Experiment) and BIODIVMEX (Mediterranéean Biodiversity) from MISTRAL program, which gather researches working on climatic changes in Mediterranean during the Holocene.
2 2006-2010, 4 years. Membre of the Excellence européen network Evoltree (FP6, EC).
1 1993 and on going. Membre of the network PAGES (Past Global Changes) which is part of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) and was founded by the US, the Swiss National Science Foundations and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

2 - International scientific consortiums

3 ACIGOL consortium gathering international researches working from Turkey to western Mediterranean, along the migratory axis followed by the oldest hominins. Created in 2017.
2 PERSIA consortium gathering international researchers working in Iran, in relation with the EC program “Persia”. Created in 2012.
1 Les Echets Working Group, including international researchers working on the long sequence of Les Echets, SE France, last climatic cycle. Created in 2006.

3 - Main collaborators

Abu Dhabi, Eric Fouache, University of Paris-Sorbonne. Algeria, Pr Mohamed Benslama, University of Annaba. Allemagne, Pr Frank Preusser, University of Freiburg. Dr Claire Rambeau, University of Freiburg. Dr Viviane Slon, University of Postdam. Autriche, Pr Jean-Nicolas Haas, University of Innsbruk. Pr Markus Fiebig, University of Vienna. Azerbaïjan, Dr Veli Bakhshaliyev, University of Nakhchivan. Belgique, Pr F. Dambon, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Dr M. Court Picon, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. China, Dr Patrick Rioual, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. England, Pr Anson W. Mc Kay ; University College of London. Pr J.J. Lowe, University College of London. Dr Jessie Woodbridge, University of Plymouth. Dr Fyfe Ralph, University of Plymouth. Pr Neil Roberts, University of Plymouth. Espagne, Pr José S. Carrion, University of Murcia. Pr José Antonio Lopez-Saez, Spanish Natural Research Council, Madrid. France, Many references ….. Greece, University of Heraklion. Hongrie, Dr Imola Juhaz, University of Szeged. Iran, Pr Arman Avand-Faghih, University of Teheran. Pr Hossein Akhani, University of Teheran. Ireland, Pr. Michael O’Connell, University of Galway. Italie, Pr Laura Sadori, University of La Sapienza. Pr Donatella Magri, University of La Sapienza. Lettonie, University of Riga. Malta, Dr Belinda Gambin, University of Malta. Dr Timothy Gambin, University of Malta. Maroc, University of Tlemcen. Pays-Bas, Pr Frank Wesselingh, Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Pr Mike Field, University of Leiden. Pologne, Pr Thomasz Goslar. Roumanie, Sorina Farkas, University of Cluj. Russia, University de Lemonosov. Scotland, Pr Eberhart Sauer, University of Edinburgh. Sweden, Pr Barbara Wolfarth, University of Stockholm ; Pr Marie-Josée gaillard, University of Malmoe ; Dr Geffrey Lemdhal, University of Malmoe. Tunisie. Pr Mohamed Chaieb, University of Sfax. Pr Karima Nasri, University of Tunis. Turkey, Pr Cahit Helvaci, University of Ismir. Pr Cihat Alcicek, University of Pammukale. Dr Hyulya Alcicek, University of Pammukale. USA, Pr Jerry Mac Manus, Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory of ColumbiaUniversity. Pr George Kukla, Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory of ColumbiaUniversity. Pr Margareth Conkey, University of Berkeley. Uzbekistan, University of Bukhara.