I am interested in functional ecology including chemical mediation in marine environment and focusing on the holobiont concept (host-associated microbiome) as key for evolutionary and ecological questions (e.g., biotic interactions and their dynamics between benthic and planktonic organisms, responses to perturbations and role on resilience, extreme environments and adaptation, biogeography) as well for valorization perspective (e.g., bioremediation, natural products).

My PhD objectives (codirected by Drs. Thierry Perez, Charlotte Simmler and César Ruiz) are to determinate the cellular localization of secondary metabolites in the sponge holobiont studying the specialized sponge cells and the associated bacterial diversity (community composition) producing chemical cues in marine ecosystem and molecules of interest in drug-discovery (antimicrobial potentials in the SESAM ANR project).

I am particularly aware to multiple anthropic origin challenges that are weighing on both continental and ocean ecosystems health and requiring better knowledge of them at different scales to assure their integrity and durability.