Currently my main project is about carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) phylogeography and ecology (, and I’m working on a lot of other case studies : Armeria sp (conservation genetics), Astraglus tragacantha (conservation), Bufonia perennis (phylogeography), Saxifraga (systematics), Prunus brigantina (Conservation and biogeography), ..., and I keep an eye on Arenaria provincialis (phylogeography and evolution) and Myrtus communis.

Despite the appearances my research objective is clear : To improve new knowledge on diversity because « we can not protect what we do not know » ...

Some key-words and selected papers,

Phylogeography, Biogeography, Plant systematic, Niche ecology, DNA, Polymorphism, Molecular ecology, Diversity, ...

  • Migliore, J., Baumel, A., Leriche, A., Juin, M., & Médail, F. (2018). Surviving glaciations in the Mediterranean region : an alternative to the long-term refugia hypothesis. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 187(4), 537-549.
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  • Pouget, M., Youssef, S., Dumas, P. J., Baumberger, T., San Roman, A., Torre, F., ... & Baumel, A. (2016). Spatial mismatches between plant biodiversity facets and evolutionary legacy in the vicinity of a major Mediterranean city. Ecological Indicators, 60, 736-745.
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