Evénement scientifique : European Pollen Database

Par : Plusieurs intervenants, autre
du 2016-06-01 - 09:00 au 2016-06-03 - 17:00

Technopôle Environnement Arbois-Méditerranée - Forum
Forum Arbois
Domaine du Petit Arbois

13545 Aix en Provence

The European Pollen Database (EPD) is an important research and educational tool as well as data repository. Its usefulness requires contributions from the palaeoecological community, while providing a useful resource.
This interaction between data producers and users was discussed at an open meeting in Aix-en-Provence in 2007 and led to a new open structure in its development and administration.
The initial burst of activity has declined and one purpose of this meeting is to create new momentum, interest scientists in supporting and working with the EPD, while educating palaeoecologists how to use the EPD in their own research and teaching more effectively.

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