Séminaire : New genomic tools to explore the evolutionary history of africain rainforest trees

Par : jeremy MIGLIORE
du 2016-06-13 - 10:00 au 2016-06-13 - 11:00

Campus Etoile - Fac. St-Jérôme - Salle de réunion 421
IMBE Salle de réunion 421
52 av Normandie-Niémen
Aile BJ4, service 421
13397 Marseille

 ? How past environmental changes have shaped the current distribution and composition of African rainforests and the genetic diversity of their constituent tree species ?
 ? The development of next generation sequencing and bioinformatic tools provide new tools to reconstruct whole chloroplast genomes, and to infer the history of forest vegetation, including species belonging to distinct functional groups.
 ? Long-term stability has been considered for long as a prime cause of the remarkable biodiversity of tropical rainforests, but new phylogenetic and phylogeographic evidence of substantial change in the tropical vegetation resulting from global climate fluctuation call for a reassessment of the temporal dynamics of biodiversity.

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